Monday, November 26, 2007

Linda Hogan calls it quits- Hogan Divorce

"We are family...i mean...were family...i mean...shucks who knows!!"

Apparently the news from a Florida reporter is that Linda Bollea (real last name) Hogan filed for divorce from Terry Bollea Hogan last Friday. According to the reporter the wrestler had no clue that she was filing for divorce.

"Thank you for the great information," Hulk told the reporter.

"My wife has been in California for about three weeks. ... Holy smokes," Bollea told the newspaper after he allegedly hung up on him first then called him right back.
"Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me."

If this is a fact and their problems are such that can be worked out (whatever they may be at this time) I hope they labor at it. Both of them. But how much of this is true we don't know yet. However the blondest family on television, the Hogans do have a very public "reality" (HELLO!) show on VH1 which in one recent episode last season they chronicled the issues in the long time couple's relationship. Linda wanted to get a divorce from Terry so they showed the couple going to counseling and trying to work on their relationship. In the end they said.."Lets stay together" in Lyfe Jennings style. Troubles in any relationship is part of life.

These are my personal observations:

Linda seems a little uptight, dizzy, delusional, and worrisome (as many mothers are) yet very committed to her family.

Terry seems over-protective (as some dads surely are), chauvinistic, authoritative, super controlling, but very supportive of his family.

Both selfish and they can both improve their skills in listening. But it's difficult for an unmarried person to give advice to ones that are. The same as people with no kids telling you how to raise your own brood. Nada. But that doesn't mean that those outsiders with less experience can't see the truth that the involved may be blind to and even offer a little advice.

But truthfully no one knows what truly goes on behind anyone's closed doors...even with a reality show who can say what the real deal is with anybody? Many people thought Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were gonna last forever (they had such a great love story and a popular reality show to go with it) but the world sees how that ended. And actually I never liked Nick for Jess anyway and while the rest of the world was ooohing and ahhhhing about their "love" I saw differently. Yes I know I know...I don't know the guy but from what I saw...he didn't truly love Jess and was very selfish, greedy and Jess was way to spoiled, immature and slightly disillusioned about marriage.

I do love reality TV but i have a feeling that it is not the best for relationships or families. They tend to highlight character flaws and bring judgments into your life that many times you really can do without. I'd like to get my 15 minutes of fame another way please.


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