Friday, November 2, 2007

Ashley Olsen is dating Lance Armstrong

So how did they hook up?!! The 21 year old actress, Ashley Olsen and the 36 year old (that's it??...thought he was older) Olympian, Lance Armstrong are dating, a couple, a pairing, an item, love birds! And folks are in an uproar!! He could be feeling a bit old so he did the normal getting older guy thing and got him a young gal. If that's the case he must've went out and brought a new red Mustang too...unless he already has one! But he did keep with his type and likes them ladies of his fair skinned and skinny. And Ash could be tired of dating the typical HollyWoodies who are young, drunk and dumb off of pappies moolah so she went for a more seasoned, if you will, man. Wow. Oh well, who are we to judge?

On Monday look forward to some information about my exclusive interview with House of Payne actor (Calvin Payne) Lance Gross. Another Lance yes but a much younger and cuter one, a true gentleman and star on the rise! Until later have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!


Excerpt from
The gossip world has crashed and burned at the news that one of their darling actresses is dating a man old enough to be her father. Every blog on the Internet is buzzing with the news that Ashley Olsen, 21, of the famous Olsen twins, is dating retired champion bicyclist Lance Armstrong, 36.

This is the same Lance Armstrong who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in the 90s and accused of using performance-enhancing drugs (aka juice) every year after that until his retirement from the sport. According to the NY Post, Lance has now taken up the sport of rocking cradles. If your 21-year-old daughter brought a 36-year-old man to your house would you accept him or chase him away?


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