Friday, November 16, 2007

Caffe Lisette- A European Coffee House- Cafe Review!!!

Café Lisette
3489-D (Embry Hills Shopping Center)
Chamblee Tucker Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30341

Maybe it’s all in a name. Walking into Café Lisette one gets the sense of walking into a luminous, familiar and fancy home…maybe that of a grandmother’s…you know the one with the plastic over her nice furniture. Lisette means: "My God is a Vow". Wow. Sounds very regal doesn't it?

It’s not that Lisette wants to make its guests feel that way…no. The truth be told is that the rich brown wood creates a sense of warmth and familiarity. Inviting you to plant your lower half on that wooden bench with the colorful over-sized throw pillows. Now your grandmother probably made you feel warm and you are certainly familiar since she is your father's momma, and the pretty plastic gleaming in the table lamp’s soft light made you want to go over and sit on the pretty clear covering (that or rip it off) but that doesn't mean you are allowed to sit on the sofa (sofa…because if it were a couch then it would not look as nice).

What I’m trying to say is that this is a very nice coffee house! The warm dark tones and chosen artwork fill this European coffee house with a very confident air. But alas there is also comfort despite the spacious haughty aura.

If you don’t sit VERY straight (these hard benches make you feel like that) on one of the long benches you can kinda relax (right by the front door so not as easy to relax) on one of more plush couches or even plusher (is that a word??) chairs. But if you’ve come with an entourage you can chill at one of wood tables (with a checkers game mat & pieces…check mate!!) or at one of the higher bar tables so your legs can dangle down as you sip your white chocolate hot cocoa (with caramel on top please!) or your mango fruit tea blast smoothie (yes they are both as good as they sound!) while watching the football game on the small television and trying to focus on homework at the same time!

*This place is not cheap.
*The drinks are pricey but delish.
*The sandwiches and salads are a tasty treat!

The desserts are not worth the pleasure-less experience and heavy price tag. Yes thanks for the big piece of coconut cake (or Italian cream cake) but why it is so dry and taste like what I could get outta Kroger’s supermarket after the 3rd day it was made. If you want to have a good desert there I only recommend the Carrot cake…damn s’good! Otherwise if you are looking for a sugar fix just put caramel and whipped cream on top of your delicious mocha latte.

*They just opened a wine bar (see what I mean…this is no bungalow type of coffee house…there’s a wine bar people…can you say fru fru…nice but fru fru.)
*Free wifi (just order a drink and bam…you get the passcode!)
*Live Jazz on certain days (once again…fru fur…anyway call for details on Jazz)

Chamblee Tucker Rd. and the Embry Hills district have become more posh in the last 3 years building a richer quality around the neighborhood. Café Lisette fits right into that mold. Try out this coffee spot where everybody’s welcome here but I’ve noticed that no one who walks in is ever a bum. Or maybe it’s just the atmosphere of the place has a transcendent quality on people’s looks or better yet the beholder’s psyche. Hmmm…maybe it’s all in the name.



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