Tuesday, May 6, 2008

World premiere red carpet of, "What Happens in Vegas." (movie)

Diaz and Kutcher hamming it up. Ashton...i still heart thee.
The main cast of, "What Happens in Vegas".
Whose team are you on? Uhhhm team Ashton for me thank you very much. One day he'll acknowledge this very special love.

The dear, sweet, possibly hungry, slightly unstable, Bai Ling "Ling"

Red carpet pictures of, 'What Happens In Vegas' - World Premiere at Mann Village Theater a few days ago. Hmmm, seems like a funny movie. Other celebs that came in attendance and support were: Eva Longoria-Parker, Brooke Burns, Dennis Farina, and the nutty Bai Ling wearing some, witches brew, spiderella, medieval maven's no-no, i need attention contraption. I had to put her picture up here too, cuz her choice of clothing puts her on Miesha's "The World's Worst Whacked Out Dressed" list. She weirds me out a little. I really wish she'd be in a new super movie to occupy her time with. I think i'll start a world wide rally called, "Put Bai Ling to good use...please!" Emphasis on the, "Please". But, real talk, Ling knows what's she's doing (hehee...i just said, "Ling".). Sometimes bad attention is better than no attention to some. Oh shame of shames. :(

It was great to see Diaz out and about after last months sad death of her father. She missed a previous marketing event for the movie that Ashton Kutcher (other star of the film) appeared at alone because of Diaz' mental break-down when her father passed. Diaz was very close to her daddy and of course took his departure terribly hard. She was joined by exes, Justin Timberlake, and John Mayer (reportedly dating Jennifer Anniston, they have been cuddling often together in Hollywood where Anniston is filming a new movie...hmmm maybe she could recruit Bai Ling as a co-star...) at her pops funeral. That shows that her past boy toys really care about her and that they were not just lovers, but real friends. Awesome.

Okay here comes a message about love and with my own failures, i've had some victories and i can speak on this. so hear me out!:
All ended relationships don't have to end on bad terms. It depends on the circumstances of the break-up, how it was handled, honesty, chillin' on the over emotional theatrics, and the friendship. So look he left you, saying he needed new excitement, after you stood by his side when he was dead broke and grouchy for 5 years (which personally is rather long to be a girlfriend anyway...okay okay that part is my opinion, to each his/her own baby) but that doesn't mean you need to slash his tires honey! Yeah she was steppin' around behind your back with your step brother who is a dead ringer for Omarion but you don't have to go all Jerry Springer on her or put bleach in her coffee! No. Well sometimes a little (harmless though people) release is good BUT Killing, yes that part is bad. Overall have class, even if they suck, talk about your feelings, and try to move forward, glad to be free. Hard times don't last forever darling.

Yes, a break-up hurts and can break you down, however don't let it steal your flame for too long. If someone is not for you (thinks they don't want you, doesn't respect you, leaves you out to dry, is a chronic cheater, etc.) then hell, let them goooooooooo. Uh bye. Please! Ugggh! Don't you want the right one, not the one keeping the spot warm or wasting YOUR time? Holding onto the wrong one, can cause much misery later and jack up that self-esteem. It's better to cry now and get it out of your system then to be crying in your old age cuz JR. is still doing you dirt! Hello! Let it be. Don't worry, God remembers you and HE is LOVE! True love is worth the wait. You don't have to beg or be lonely newly single either. Fill your life with fun activities, great friends, and helping others. I didn't always see this, these are things I've learned over the years through experience and God, but I see it now and am blessed by it.

If you are not right inside yourself to be a good mate then it aint gonna be good times in a relationship anyway. Are you selfish, mean, a liar, sneaky, spoiled to the point of being unbearable, just plain ol foul, talk your mate down, then oooh uhhn uhhn boo boo, naw. Hey, I myself was a jerk to men in the past. Change is good and you can do it! So, work on you, Live your Life Like it's GOLDEN (Jill Scott) and see what happens later. When a great person (human preferably, aliens or imaginary partners are not real people therefor don't count) comes along and you are ready to give your time away to that someone else again remember that love is not perfect by any means and that he or she that will not be either. Still expect to be treated well and have honesty in that union. A little fun also goes a long way. Value yourself, and in turn value that person right back!!! You often get what you give, and what you allow yourself to be mastered by (in thought or deed) will become your reality. Good or bad. Okay that's my love lesson for the day dears.


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