Monday, May 5, 2008

Kanye West chills in Atlanta over the weekend. Was his ATL concert better than Jay's??

Kanye's highly anticipated "Glow in the Dark" concert tour featuring Pharell, Lupe Fiasco and Rihanna finally hit the A this past weekend. My friend and ace, Shem went and said that the concert was bananas! Even better than Jay's (with Mary J) recent concert that hit our great city and i'm like dayum! Yet not shocked. I know that Kanye has major talent. See Ye is the performer while Jay is the more mature seasoned vet with the better business sense. Once Ye cools down on all of his emotion he may be playing in the same league that Jay does. But Ye's got that talent, that crazy genius way about him that creates insane lyrics, awesome press (even though he is banning the press at this point, i get cuz they DO twist folks words) and a style frenzy (Jay can dress but Kanye dressesssssssssssss). Not that the two rappers can be compared on every level, but if to be compared on an intelligent writing, and stage performance level, I'd choose Ye. Not that Jay can't write (he's hot) or ain't got a great presence. It's just that Ye sounds better on paper intellectually and Jay has been around for so long that he's kinda lazy on stage...and damn he can be. He's older so he aint gotta jump around the way Ye does (plus that aint Jay's style or energy), and will sell tickets without really trying. It's good to be Jay. Jay still beats Ye in the swagga department. That boy is tooooo cool for words. Kanye goes off too much to be cool. He's a hot head. He's real wit it, and honest but he's a hot head. Jay will just ignore you and treat you like you are a peasant. AND get away with it. Dag. Incredible Swagger.

Kanye ripped it. Rihanna sang well (so i heard but am not yet convinced), and Lupe fell (and got right back up...he did a Beyonce) on the stage while doing his thing. It's not funny (stifles giggles...) yall.

Rihanna and Chris Brown supposedly were chillin' all lovey dovey at The Verge Lounge (who knows...) and Kanye skipped his after party at Studio 72 (been and I didn't really dig it like i do the Velvet Room), and went to The Chill Spot at 300 Bowling Alley (had a few lanes reserved. I dig the more intimate party instead of clubbin' it alllllllll night long. Love Kanye.) with Quincy Jones, Chaka (DTP) Polow, and Quincy Jones and then hung with Pharell and Jeezy at the Velvet Room. Kanye always does what he wants to do. But if he didn't...would he even be Kanye anymore??

My boy Gyant at SOHH has more. Click here for some pictures and even a little bit of video of Kanye at 300. He was on the scene!

The Juice ReportER (don't want none of that energy drink juice that Ye is drinking....)

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