Friday, May 2, 2008

Marcus McNeill (San Diego Chargers) celebrity charity weekend for Mac's Miracles

Marcus McNeill

Marcus McNeill and me
Mike is too cool in his shades & even with a hurt hand Steve shows up for his boy Marcus

Greg ( founder) and Shem

Last weekend Marcus McNeil from the San Diego Chargers celebrated the 2nd year of his children's charity, Mack's Miracles, by throwing celebrity weekend party with mingling at the W hotel, bowling at Atlanta's 300, and a having a blast at Club Dreamz.

My weekend was crazy BUT i did have an opportunity to stop by the event at the posh W Hotel on Friday night to speak with Marcus,'s founder, Grouchy Greg, and a few other friends and supporters in sports of Marcus. That evening Marcus was joined by fans, athletes, family, friends and hip hop and sports business moguls.

McNeil is a giant. The 23 year old did not miss out on the height department at 6 foot 9. But don't be alarmed he is also funny and truly kind & friendly. Speaking to the football player I learned that he started this organization because of his family. He told me that he would watch his nephew play video games all day and not want to go out and it concerend him. The offensive lineman wants to educate and keep kids active to fight child obesity. Mack's Miracles is kicking off a summer camp this July for the kids. Please look out for it and for more information log onto:

I have to say that speaking to Greg,'s founder was the highlight of my night. You will never meet a more real dude who is all hip hop without being an artist himself. The guy is funny, kicked us some mad knowledge that evening, and is more honest than maybe some can stand, but I dig that. I thank him again for his time and for keeping us cracking up! I aspire to accomplish even half of what his website has done. Good look!

I got a chance to get marcus, Greg and some others on tape to talk about the charity and business in general. I have to apologize for the video lighting in advance. It was DARK in the W Hotel. I know the event was designed to bring the "grown n sexy" vibe, however it makes for shady media visuals. Still enjoy and learn something!

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Thanks to Jennifer Marquez from Aggressive Competition Marketing Firm for the invite!
Thanks to Greg from because you were so friendly and chill. You are THAT dude.
Thanks also to Shem Young for putting this on our calendar. You are awesome girlie!

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