Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Marijuana baby epidemic

So i flip back from V-103 and 102.5 in the mornings. I don't care for the music I just want to hear the talk. The two stations are a mixture of laughter, politics, and serious issues/conversations (Gotta love that Strawberry Letter Steve Harvey!). Anyway a couple of days this week Frank Ski and Wanda (V-103) hit on the issue of youth verses marijuana smoking. I knew it was a widely accepted issue but honestly i didn't know it was such a detrimental thing never being a pot smoker myself. A mother called into the show hysterical because her twin sons were suffering from this big brown weed that was taking over the minds of her children. Now i know that rollin' a blunt may not harm everyone however i think this report is worth taking a look at. Also they played a Lil Wayne song from his new album, The Carter III about drug uses ups and then the "after the high" decline so low that you feel like, "Dying". Hmmmm. Pretty chilling. Any thoughts?

Depressed Teens Using Marijuana, Other Drugs to Relieve Symptoms:

Although marijuana use among teens has dropped by 25 percent since 2001, more teens use marijuana than all other illicit drugs combined. The new report, "Teen Marijuana Use Worsens Depression: An Analysis of Recent Data Shows 'Self-Medicating' Could Actually Make Things Worse," shows the following:

*Teens who smoke marijuana at least once a month are three times more likely to have suicidal thoughts than non-users;
*Using marijuana can cause depression and other mental illnesses;
*The percentage of depressed teens is equal to the percentage of depressed adults, but depressed teens are more likely than depressed adults to use marijuana and other illicit drugs;
*Teen girls who use marijuana daily are more likely to develop depression than girls who do not use marijuana;
*Depressed teens are also more likely than non-depressed teens to engage in other risky behaviors such as daily cigarette use and heavy alcohol use.
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I am glad it's being talked about in the news and popular radio. Now go talk to your kids, and siblings please.

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  1. THis is another sad case of parents not really educating their kids on drugs. Yes you tell them to say no but what are you showing them why they want to say no. I know when I became a middle schooler my mom showed me the most scariest pictures of STD's and Drug addicts. It keep me drug free and obstaining from sex. We are quick to tell our kids to do what I say but not show them why. I am not a single mother and a drug addict because my parents showed me why I don't want to get involved with drugs and sexual relationships with men who may come and go in my life.


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