Friday, May 2, 2008

Q Parker (112) and team host a ladies' dance audition for his solo project, "Real Talk". Shawty (comedian) keeps spirits light!

Deliberating: Jamal, Q, another judge
Q & Shawty
Great dancer/instructor (Myiah)

These girls (well minus shirt...sorry) were baaaaaaaaad! They stayed and did a second set of their own and ripped it i'm telling you!

I loooooove dancing. It inspires me. Since i was a little girl you could catch me entering dance competitions, performing on the stage for large audiences or simply in my living room thinking in my head, "I must look like Janet Jackson when I do this move!". Welllllllllll I've kinda lost some of that funk (sad face) and i'm no Janet Jackson but I met a few girls at Q Parker's dance auditions (for his tour) at Marvelous Marvin McIntyre Studios on Monday night that could hold their own next to the legendary diva any day.

Q's album, "Real Talk" will be exploding onto the scene this Summer/Fall. The singer talks about real life issues in this album that anyone can relate to. For those who wonder if Q can do it on his own without the support of his boys from 112, wonder no more, because he's got it like that. He gave me a sample of one of his news songs and his voice upon our meeting. Wait until the end of the video below to hear Q's smooth melody. This WILL be an album to buy this year!

Q was joined by choreographer Al Jamal, some other partners, and comedian Shawty (Wild N Out) who kept the room in laughter as he did his "Shawty Dance", and made jest of the dancing hopefuls. Catch him Tuesday night, May 6th at Uptown Comedy Corner for his show, "Shawty, Shawty...What my name is??!!". Shawty gave me a couple of tickets so I'll see you there! Before that catch him in the video I have here to see what kind of projects he's involved in. That boy is a nut. Mission accomplished!

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Thanks for the invite Katena Keno (cool name by the way)!


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