Thursday, May 8, 2008

Q Parker's album listening party

Q and Sharlinda (this photo from

112 Familia
Sharlinda (Q's lovely wife) and Rashan Ali (Hot 107.9)
Hi Katena! (on right end)
I met Derek Wright and his partner from Da Buz DVD last night. Real cool. Check them out at:

Q Parker (112) who had dance auditions to secure 4 female background dancers just last week, had an album listening party at Seasons Bistro on Northlake Pkwy in Tucker last night. His 112 comrades, Rashan Ali (Hot 107.9, great girl), April Love (Love Consulting), his wife Sharlinda (she seems sooo cool), and a host of many others came to show love. The event was catered and the place was packed. The audience had a great opportunity to listen to the songs and give feedback back to what 12 or 13 songs would be chosen for the album.

The only critique i have is that the production on a few of the songs was too similar. It's not that the beats weren't good, it's just that beat variety was lacking. But the wonderful treat is that Q can siiiing. He's gifted with a buttery voice, sex appeal, and charisma. And he was right when he told me last week that the album, "Real Talk" is about real life issues, mostly in relationships. It's the sad, the bad, and the good. He had my mind going as i sat there and listened to all the tracks. It's also evident that he loves his wife (who was dressed in a cute spring dress), that as I mentioned earlier was on board to cheer her man on. He made sure he thanked her at the end of the night.

Here are some of my favorites songs of the evening:
"Contagious" (no it's not about catching pink eye or the chicken pox, it's a banging dance song about a girl)
"Messed up" (oooh boy you done did it now. now you gotta beg for me back!)
"The Call" (pick up the phone damnit! don't make me do like Diddy..."last night...i couldn't even get an answer....")
"Crazy Crazy" (i think his wife has him feeling crazy but a good crazy)
Those could all easily be singles and I hope they are on the album. There were about 3 others that I really liked as well.

Look for "Real Talk" to drop Fall of '08. I am looking forward to bringing R&B back to life in my favorite season of the year. I always call Fall the "boyfriend season" (even though i hate the word boyfriend, it just sounds dumb after 25 years old). I enjoy my rap but it's pretty much taken over so I'm hoping there will be more of a balance in the urban music industry this year. I know there are doubters, but I'm a believer. Since you get what you give, Q is more than worth the money.

Check out the song, "Never let you go" from the album, "Real Talk". This is one of the other 3 that i really liked. If you receive this post via feed or email please log onto to view. Thank you.

Thank you to Katina Keno (also in a cute spring dress) for the invite. I think I need to wear dresses more often yall. The problem is I don't like them.

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  1. I am truly a fan of Q Parker and also his group 112. I wish him great success with his solo album. Gone Q do the damn thang!


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