Friday, May 9, 2008

Obama wins the Democratic Nomination (WOOHOOO!) but do you think he'll win President of the United States?

Barack Obama on Time Magazine

Finally my friends half of the race is over. Hill, even with her dirty tactics wasn't able to win America over. So yes nice guys don't finish last and good prevails over evil. While i'm super joyed that Obama won the Democratic Nomination (WOOHOOO!) I want to ask the world, do you think he'll win the ultimate title, President of the United States? It's all in the hands of the voters and ultimately the hand of God.

For now we celebrate! I KNEW he could do it!

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  1. Obama definitely is the man for The President of the United States. I believe that he is up for the task and will do a phenominal job in the White House. He definitely has my vote!


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