Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Osi Umenyiora's celbrity charity weekend (

The man of the hour, Osi Umenyoria (party held at the W Hotel downtown Atlanta)
Jason Allen and Takeo Spikes (far right) please don't ask me everyone elses' name. But I promise I am brushing up on my sports knowledge like a good lil girlie should!
Vernon Jones, Osi, and Charles Mathis (important men of Atlanta)

Pretty ladies dressed up for the Friday night soiree
Hannah Kang (Grand Hustle manager, far right) and her friends
Katena Keno (right) and friends
Osi's younger brother and Nicole Garner (PR Guru!) at 300 Atlanta
Striking for the cure and looking niiiiiiiiiice doing it
Jason Allen
Shane (Minnesota Vikings)

Taking time out from bowling to talk to To ESPN

Osi Umenyiora (New York Giants #72) took over the city of Atlanta last weekend in honor of his annual celebrity charity weekend for Strike 4 a Cure. Umenyiora started off the festivities on Thursday afternoon when he spoke to the youth at Carver High School about being hard workers, AIDS awareness and being protected. I hear he had the kids rapt attention.
The party portion started Friday evening which presented the exclusive black tie affair held at the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta (who knew there was a W in downtown too?! Oh oh i see, all of yall i'm the only one who didn't know you say? oh aight...). The affair was welcoming with an open bar, an appearance by Atlanta's premier entertainment attorney, Charles Mathis, Dekalb County CEO, Vernon Jones (quite the social magnet for the ladies), Hannah Kang of Grand Hustle (who received her own award and honor), Takeo Spikes, Jason Allen, and Osi Umenyiora himself who gallantly mingled with his honored guests and NFL friends. Basically the crowd was scattered with different football players in a different type of uniform for the evening, a suit and tie. The evening ended with a night of dancing at Verve Lounge. I couldn't hang yall so I bounced. I'm not feeling the club vibe too much these days...besides I was at Studio 72 two weekends in a naw i'm good. But I know it was good times.
Saturday afternoon was incredibly fun as Osi and his friends took over the private suite at 300 Atlanta's bowling alley. The catered event almost felt like a tiny club with all the tight music videos booming on the big screens as men and women competed for bragging rights and more importantly were Striking for a Cure, to raise money for the charity. And you already know they went to the club again that night right? Yup this is Atlanta, duh. So off to Club Esso's on memorial drive they partied, finishing it all off on Sunday night at my favorite, The Velvet Room.

Osi's second annual Strike 4 a Cure event raised over $40,000 with the proceeds going to the charity's focus on HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer's research, outreach and education. Osi is a gentleman who is rather low key, doesn't crave too much attention outside of the field, and is no nonsense. Good look Osi, we are very proud of your work and dedication. To learn more please go to

Thanks to the Garner Circle PR for the invite, you did such a great job and I'm so proud of your success! And Daniel it was such a pleasure to finally meet you, your rock. Also to Katena Keno who had her infamous clipboard in hand at Saturday's bowling event because she was about business! I appreciate how she always takes good care of us media. So maybe we are not mere peons right? LOL!

I will post the video of some of the bowling night from Saturday with a brief word from Osi and the drive for his charity tomorrow.


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