Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Take a shower with Luda!

Ludacris is using his celebrity to change the world. His foundation is doing great, he has involved himself in aids research and now he's focused on conserving water for the environment.

From Sandra Rose:
Tommy Lee and Ludacris (uhmmm maybe they are best buds now since they've been in several pics together over the last week!) invited fellow minded environmentalists to explore water conservation in Las Vegas by staging a communal shower. As part of the new Planet Green series, BATTLEGROUND EARTH, Tommy Lee and Ludacris travel across the country to raise awareness about the essentials of being eco-friendly. They are trying to set the Guinness World Record for the ‘Worlds Largest Group Shower’ in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Tommy Lee, Ludacris and their “eco-rages”, invited hundreds to shower with a friend and save water. END

Okay so as for me and my household...no. This is not the business. I am not taking showers wit a chick or a random dude for some group orgy type of dirty deal. And I want to be able to get water contact on my skin too or else i won't be clean and we'll end up being in the shower longer which defeats the purpose. BUT i can agree to shorter showers AND think that Luda is doing a great job at using his talents for the betterment of the planet and mankind.

p.s. doesn't tommy lee look like a geeked up lil kid in this pic (he's probably flippin' out about his shower wit a bunch of random chicks...dang tommy chill out son). LOL!
p.p.s. and who all thinks that these people in this picture actually care more about taking a shower with a celeb (luda and tommy) then the damn planet? i'm just sayin' shawt...


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