Monday, December 10, 2007

Frank Ski Kids Foundation youth bowl highlights

The team spirit was thicker than freshly shorn wool as I waded through the crowd of thousands of supporters on my way to the media tent. This past Saturday The Frank Ski Kids Foundation hosted their fourth annual youth bowl playoff game at Halford Stadium in Decatur. The Sandtown Vikings won in a landslide victory against the Ben Hill Tigers 56 to 6! The second team to play and win for the day was the Central DeKalb Black Jaguars against the Milford Warriors. But football isn't just for boys...each team had an energetic cheerleading squad of young ladies to back the guys up in their mission to win!

The children in these four incredible football teams ages 11-13 played in the exciting Frank Ski Kids Foundation's annual Youth Bowl to compete for their share of grants, prizes and trophies of more than $20,000! Frank and Tanya Ski are true philanthropists who care about the future of our city and the world. Frank Ski was honored October 14th this year by Martell Noblige for his philanthropic efforts in the community.

I did have an opportunity to speak with Frank and Tanya about the youth bowl, the history of the foundation as well as get some information of a future expansion. Look for that information here soon. I know...I'm a tease!

A highlight of the game day was watching Harmony, 4 young beautiful brown girls, perform the National Anthem. These little ladies sounded like black angels in flight.

The Championship game will be Saturday, December 15, 2007 @ 12:00PM @ Halford Stadium 3789 Memorial College Drive, Decatur, GA 30021. This time the Vikings will go up against the Black Jaguars. Good luck teams! And if you missed the 1st game don't miss the second one. It is for a great cause and exciting fun for kids, adults, and families!

TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE as well as sponsorship opportunities.
Please call 404-870-0230 or visit for more information.

The Head coach of the Vikings on their AMAZING win!

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  1. I must say I am completely impressed with the Frank Ski Kids foundation. His foundation are opening some doors for kids who may not have the opportunity to do alot of what Frank Ski Foundation has to offer. I see alot of positivity coming to our youths because of his contribution. Big ups Frank and Tanya for doing what most of the celebs in ATL should be doing investing in our future.


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