Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's a "Stunna" Sweet 16 party planned for Quincy Brown (Kim Porter's & Al B Sure's/Diddy's son)

I know right...the title is a little complicated. I don't know how much Diddy will ultimately have to do with this "Stunna" titled sweet 16 celebration staring Quincy (who looks JUST like his poppa by the way!) since the infamous Kim/Diddy split (that needed to happen by the was her own sound decision, she took her time and the time must've been right) took place earlier this fall. Well whether Dids is still playing Daddy or not, i'm sure it'll be a party to remember. MTV's popular TV reality show, Sweet 16, which showcases rich (sometimes famous) parents balling out of control to lavish expensive, cars, jewelry, clothing, talent performances and venues to please their "entitled" children is going to be taping what I'm sure will be a super party. Especially if Diddy has anything to do with it. Diddy is a perfectionist, which I can't be mad at him for. Even if his personal life may be in mayhem, his professional life is just fine and the man has got that eye and flair for making things look hot. When the man stamps his name on something people know a memory will be made. Puffy and Quincy have history because moms and puffy had history so I'm sure Puff will be involved somehow.

Well I hear that Quincy who is Kim's son from Al B Sure is a sweet kid. I sure hope so. He went on the radio and gave away 100 passes to his shindig to some lucky winners. A big twist on this story may be that he gives out gifts to people instead of getting a truck full of them on TV (that's a rumor going around, a positive rumor but...we'll see). But most of the kids on the show seem spoiled, rude, ungrateful, arrogant, expectant and whiny. But hey I'm not the parent so it's not my battle. The producers at MTV (and other networks of course) however do have a slick way of editing the footage taped before and during these "rights of passage" parties that make the kids featured on the episode seem like mini monsters. They do point out the worst flaws for viewers to "ooh" and "ahhh" about. Oh well it makes for good TV. I watch it!

Anyhow the party is this coming Saturday night at a PRIVATE LOCATION!!! PR for the event is being handled by The Garner Circle.



  1. He is a young cutie! He don't look nothing like Kim P. I will be watching that show.

  2. I heard Al B may not even come...if that's true it's messed up.

  3. I heard Al B may not even come...if that's true it's messed up.


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