Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Keri Hilson likes it just the way it were...

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Keri loves giving the peace sign

Ronnie...cool dude

It was a night to remember: side pony tails, ankle boots, bangles, door knockers, thick black square frames, big belts, one shoulder bearing jersey dresses, members only jackets, Rosana Arquette hair from "Desperately Seeking Susan", jerri curls glistening with "Soul Glow", thick gold LL Cool J/Run DMC chains, too much blush, tie dye, colorful tights, puffy prom skirts, too much pink, spandex for boys...all together tacky cool. These people took this ISH very serious, next time I'm pulling out the activator!

"Like totally OMG!" I kept expecting Micheal J. Fox to show up because I had been shifted "Back to the Future" for singer/esteemed song writer Keri Hilson's psychedelic 25th birthday party held at The View in Atlanta on Saturday night. And if you don't know, now you know, Keri Hilson has enough star power to bring out the hypest in Hip Hip royalty: Nicole Garner & team of The Garner Circle PR was directing things (GREAT JOB! Thanks for the invite!) Polo Da Don (Host), Drumma Boy (Producer...check out our exclusive interview on www.FindEntertainmentNow.com), Cee-Lo, Jazzy Pha (and he is the same in person as he is in videos...stupendous!), Nelly (Hellz yeah AND he performed "Grillz"!), Jeezy, Chamillionaire (such a low key/cool cat), Jlack, Bone Crusher (very nice dude), Chaka Zulu, AK the Razor Man (Grand Hustle/PSC shout out!), Jermaine Dupri, Jonta Austin, Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob), London (Kinky B's label), Jagged Edge, Bobby V, yall the 90's really were reached when the likes of Blaque came out and the one and only Ronnie Devoe (hasn't aged 1 bit) of BBD showed up and out! I got to do a little interview with Ronnie and found out that he and BBD would be touring all over the world next year! Get ready ladies! In addition he's been investing in real-estate (good man) and has other endeavors. Keep up with him at www.thedevoeteam.com. "Girl I must warn you...."!
The rich and famous didn't bother much with the upstairs VIP but stayed mingling it up and shoulder brushing with the commoners on dance floor in the large warehouse like set-up. Even with all the glowing star power in the house I did good. I didn't yell out in turrets syndrome fashion, "I see you on TV!" to any of the celebs who represented for the lady of the hour. So be proud of me.

The 1980's/90's Keri Hilson celebration featured alcoholic slushies, cheese burgers and apple pies, catered by McDonalds, ring pops, candy straws laced with the purest white powder...sugar! And goodie bags in Happy Meal boxes stuffed with a lil Hen(essy that it...but damn they forget to throw in the coke...coke the DRINK people!), a rubiks cube (who in the heezy is Rubik anyway??), and Keri lotion...how cute is that??!!

What I ADORE about Keri...first of all she is a SAGITTARIUS, (as Ryan Cameron from V-103 radio would scream) and if you didn't get the significance of that so am I...my bday is tomorrow! We fire gurls iz special! Okay back to Keri...she's way fun, great style, earthy, chill, silly, smart, gracious (after the party the rest of the food was donated to a mission by Keri...awwwww....gotta love a girl like that!) humble but yet home girl is a BOSS chick. She knows what she wants and what she's worth. She's got an album coming out in 2008, watch out for her. Because she's a writer and not in the public eye as much her name has not been circulated very heavily yet, but please believe she's ALL THAT.

All in all it was an INCREDIBLE night! The only major disappointment was nobody broke out into a "Vogue". Kidding.


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  1. Big shout out to another Sagitarrius. My b-day is on the 16th so I will be partying like a rockstar as well just not with the 80's twist. I must say it was a cool era to have experienced. Kerri girl you have alot of pull in the ATL can I get my request in on who I want to kick it with on my bday.


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