Friday, December 28, 2007

Snoop Dogg's, "Father Hood" is more than we know

I didn't think i'd like it, much less enjoy it but I am a watcher of E!'s new reality series, "Snoop Dogg's Father Hood". I love his wife, Shante, a.k.a. Boss Lady. She is SO SO BOSS and I like it. Choc his young daughter is as cute as a snicker doodle and his sons Corde and Cordell are not so different than other boys their age: play sports, fascinated with money, messy, act up here and there. But they are pretty decent kids doing what most kids do...well except that throwin' money around bit...geez. but still they are seemingly functional. Probably almost as functional as you can get as a family in the entertainment business with Snoop as a daddy, the rapper, trouble maker, extraordinaire! Still I'd choose that household over Irv Gotti's. least for now. The season just begun so let me be quiet.

Anyway now the Juice on the Street is that Snoop fathered a child, a young boy now aged nine named Julian Corrie Broadus while he was newly married to Shante his current wife. The boy's mother, Laurie Holmond and him do an exclusive interview (she probably got $$ for that one) with Star, real classy. But I don't think this will cause too much ruckus or stir in the hip hop or gossip community being that this child was born so 9 years ago and it's not a secret to his supportive wife. She already knows and it may kinda suck but they've obviously dealt with it after all these years so aight. There are no recent children born outta booty calls that we know of so cool. According to the ex-mistress (who claims that her and Snoop had a great relationship until she heard he had gotten married over the radio....uh yeah lady.) Snoop has been a great father to his son taking full responsibility. As he should hello! But anyway with the ups and downs that this couple (The Broadus') have had in their marriage with a divorce threat a few years back and Snoop's crazy antics, shoot plus look at the recent secret baby scandals by Jay-Z and Diddy, I don't think this one today, since it's old news for them is going to knock their union down. Shante and Snoop been down since high school. Ugh being married to a rapper...Hell naw! Marriage is hard enough I say! I give it to Shante...she's cute and yes she is BOSS!


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