Monday, March 24, 2008

T.I.'s Easter Sunday at New Birth i mean the Georgia Dome!

Tip n the gang (awww lil King is soooooo cute in his church suit!)
My favorite! Show him the way daddy!
Tip and Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

It was a mini celeb fest. You can count on getting folks to come out to church on Easter Sunday (15,000++ people strong at the Dome!). Anyway i ain't here to hate on the sometimers (i got my own ishness to work on...)but to post a pic or two of Tip and the fam from Easter. It seems as though the southern "king of the south" expected to be surrounded by the paparazzo (he knows he's newsworthy) so allowed a few photo opps (rather gracious...but if he didn't allow then they may have just taken anyway right...?!) during his time at church. He even got up and spoke, his message being on aids and "getting it right". I really like dude and am pulling for him and his family. Tiny is still tiny even though she is six months preggers! I tell ya now that chick is ride or die for real shawt. Do Tameka right Cliff.

You can see many more photos of the 2008 New Birth (Baptist) Easter at SandraRose's website. I just came back from out of town again, I don't have the energy to post most of what has already been done. I hope your holiday was reflective and loving. Holla!

The Juice ReportER (don't let your kids eat all of that post Easter candy folks!)

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