Monday, March 24, 2008

Football's (past) Jamal Anderson and Travis Hall unveil ProSpot Fitness products for your health!

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Super Bowl XXXIII players & former Atlanta Falcon stars Jamal Anderson & Travis Hall unveil new patented home gym system that they have been involved in creating, ProSpot Fitness Home Gyms. The difference between ProSpot and other home gyms is in the technology. ProSpot models (there are several different machines) allow free range weights without a spotter. Check out the video above for a quick example. Jamal's little (big) cute self is on the commercial. By the way aren't we glad that Jamal decided (as well as America) that he WASN'T the best rap super star??!! (he had that silly little stint on the MTV mini series) It was still fun to watch though and nothing wrong with a little publicity. Now he and Travis really have something going that fits their expertise!

This is a great idea for your health, especially for staying healthy at home for the busier people who may not have as much time to go to the gym. ProSpot has a warehouse in Atlanta's Gwinnette area (but there are dealers for these products all over) and gave demonstrations of the equipment to certain members of the public last week. You can go to their website at to see the different models/types and stay updated with health and product news. Of course they already have a few celeb or other athlete endorsers. Always a good idea. I am happy that these guys are taking their careers to another level. You can't play football, sing, rap, dance, model (you know what i mean) forever right? Create and make it your own!

Thank you to Cherry Banez of CherryPublicity LLC for last week's invite and updates on this new incredible product!


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