Monday, March 3, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Tasha Ramos from Star Trak (Pharell)!

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This "new" Star Trak artist can saaaaaang.

I wanted to post this interview that I did with a cool new singer. It's been on youtube for a little while but I wanted to share it with my audience here because I was truly impressed by this song bird, Natasha Ramos. Tasha is sweet, fun, and yes she's very talented. Check her out and support her when her album drops. I am anxiously awaiting to hear you on the radio Tasha. Make that note Pharell and put her on. Music has been waiting for a voice like this. I hope all is well and her album is still in hot pursuit and process!

You didn't know:

*As pretty as Tasha is, she's got some hood in her.
*Tasha likes to go out and dance just like many Atlanta residents
*Tasha does NOT have a man man (last time i checked)...ooooh boys behave.
*Tasha is a new artist only because her album hasn't dropped. BUT she's been in the studio recording her new album for quite a minute!


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