Monday, March 31, 2008

AK Tha Razor Man (Grand Hustle/PSC) New Music!

While Tip is away business is conducting like normal at Grand Hustle Records. Check out the new music from PSC member, AK. Below are songs (click on links to listen), "All I wanna do" and "Check my face card" from his latest coming album, "Check my face card". You can download for yourself from Verizon and AT&T wireless. It's the digital age baby! AK is good people man. He's real and he's loyal to his folks.

For those of you who want to see AK perform he will be at The Gold Bar (next to club Motions) on Friday April 4th with Greg Street. Save the date!

Speaking again of Grand Hustle...I am too excited that not only does Tip only get a year BUT that he is going to talk to youth for his community service. He's got this amazing opportunity to be a positive impact on kids. God can use a not so good situation for greatness.

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