Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day 26 (Making the Band 4) exclusive interview!

Robert, Q, Willie, Brian, Mike
Q, Mike, Shem, Robert, Me (kneeling), Willy, Brian

The boys from Bad Boy's newest group, Day 26 (Making the Band 4) were in Atlanta over the weekend. But these boys are not so bad. In fact they are actually pretty good and have a solid image. These men are actually friends and "brothers", and truly likeable. Sean Combs put together a group of 5 talented singers, very cool to talk to and down to earth (so far) oh and...did i mention that they were all sexy. Yes all of them! Even young Q has a lil sump sump adorable about him in person.

In-between hitting the airwaves at V103, and a couple clubs, the boys took some time to talk to some of the press (ME!!) at The R Group (located in Midtown Atlanta) and tell us what's up with them these days. And since I truly won't miss an episode every Monday night on MTV, I was too excited to get the opportunity to rap with the singers.

Here are some of my own observations of each guy's stand out characteristics most from our meeting, some from tv:
Q- The talker, The youngin', sincere
Brian- The leader, Most mature (wife and kids), Cool, Fire cracker
Robert- The guy who wants everyone to really like him, Another talker/interjector, wants everyone to know what the band is really all about, Flashy, "Misunderstood", Another fire cracker
Mike- The comedian, The flirt, The Real
Willy- Also cool, The quieter one but will bust that head if it comes down to blows (hello my boy is from my hometown Chicago yall...oh and he's married girls so back off!)

But I have to tell you one thing they all share and have in common is they are incredibly WARM. I felt as if amongst friends and I received sincere hugs (no kisses ladies) from all the guys (My sweater still smells like Mike...he smelled goooooowd yall! Okay kidding...my dear sweater wasnt lucky enough to carry the scent but he did smell mighty fine.) and genuine appreciation for the interview.

Listen to the Day 26 interview here! Thanks Shem for the pictures!

Me being not only a reporter but a fan, I found out some cool things during our all too short interview. To find out who these talented young men look up to musically, how they now deal with family, going out, changes, and to hear them singing a piece for the fans, click on the link below.

As we know, the album has been recorded and will drop March 25th. So, "Hurry Up and Buy!"! You can actually pre-order now here from Amazon.

A special thanks to Tyreal Lewis (President) and Katena Keno (PR)at The R Group for their kindness and setting things up for a great interview! I look forward to working with you in the future.

Listen to DAY 26 at The R Group here-
Turn up your volume, these guys have some things to say! And make sure to tune into MTV every Monday night at 10 p.m., e.s.t., for new episodes of Making the Band to keep up with the Bad Boy triple threat: Day 26, Donnie, and Danity Kane.

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  1. OMG, Can I say I am sooooooooo jelly you got that up close and personal with Day 26 but you know I'm not a hater go Maven! Girl how did you keep your composure with Willie fine *&^%$#$@#@. I hope you got all that. Anyway I am a fan all the way and I wish the boys much success with their debut album. I can't wait to hear it. Puff, Sean Puffy Combs, PDiddy. Whatever you want to be called these days please promote yo boys Damn!

  2. Haha!! the boys were kind dudes. Yes puff promote promte! these boys deserve it and you know what...Puff knows that and he is actually doing it! Thus the tv show and city tours, radio shows and interviews the boys are doing before the album drops on 3/25! i'm tooooooo excited. i must even say that bad boy is doing something right at last...we got cheri dennis who dropped last week, danity kane coming 3/18 and then ya boys day 26...and they are all talented. hello! a change done come!

  3. Wow, Miesha...that is sooo cool. Dang you in there like that? LOL I'm so proud. I agree with you, I do like them and hope they blow up. Keep doing your thing.


  4. gee thanks char! i'm not in in...YET. one day soon though. yes these guys r THAT thang. :)

  5. Miesha,

    Do it chica! You're like Visa- you're everywhere I wanna be! Thanks for consistently bringing us The Juice!



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