Thursday, March 20, 2008

People Magazine Cover of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins, Max & Emme

So, People Magazine paid big bucks for these pics. I never get it. They are just regular babies like everyone else's. Well their mom and dad, well mom is all over the TV screen so that makes them cooler i guess? Uhmmm...okay America. I guess it's all about that exclusive right to pictures that celebs can capitalize off of and then the publications get the right to look like, "The Big Dawgs" if they get the first pictures. Whatever.

I actually like the twins names: Max & Emme. I can hear J-Lo saying those names. Anyway, she looks good. Marc probably never will. It's not mean, just real. Oh well, I don't have to kiss him every night so who cares. He'll probably never cheat on her or leave her side (if he's wise). She married for love and that's all that matters.

Another sincere congrats to the happy couple!

The Juice ReportER (similac anyone?? a very dry "yum".)

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