Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Raina Shaw exclusive interview, "Ridiculous Situations"

I recently shared with you that I had the opportunity to have an amazing "girl talk" (I don't even want to keep calling it an interview) with Raina Shaw, author of "Ridiculous Situations". "Ridiculous Situations" is a book of spiritual love and guidance for single or dating women. The book includes real life situations with men and women that are rather...well RIDICULOUS! But they are situations that we as ladies can find ourselves in from time to time to time to time to...etc. (you catch my drift) if we don't put God first and have some common self esteem. Raina teaches women that being single can be great if you so choose or just haven't found a worthy companion. It is okay to live life and wait on God. God's promises are not for the married alone. Her chapters cover: self esteem, men with kids, sex, brainwashing, keeping one's word, abuse, money and much more! I can't give it all way here. However I can tell you that upon reading this funny, true and informative book, I shook my head, laughed and even dipped my head a little low thinking...gosh I've been there before. Yuck! But Ms.Shaw's goal is not to make women feel bad or bitter toward men, no, just to empower them in Christ and heart.

This woman is full of wisdom and not just for the ladies but for some men as well. Well meaning men can be uplifted and even get some key pointers. I hope you can learn and enjoy her time as much as I did.
Listen to the Raina Shaw interview here. She has great pearls to share to please take your time to enjoy this download.

Thanks Raina again for your kindness and grace. I appreciate your simple message to "Always trust God". I hope our friendship continues and will blossom into something that fulfills a great purpose (and this may be part of it!).

Thanks to Lynn Allen Jeter and Associates for letting me know about this special faithful woman whose heart is to serve God by telling the truth.

Listen to the Raina Shaw interview here!
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And you can purchase her wonderful, best-selling book right here!

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