Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sports Profile- Anotonio Cromartie

This picture is fitting for the man we speak about today, Antonio Cromartie

"Call me..."

He has been called a"freakish talent" after this year's season end. Also dubbed, "The Natural", a rarity, dependable, raw, and legend Antonio Cromartie, corner back of the San Diego Chargers is like inherent magic on the field. Yet earlier this week when a fan gushed over him being famous and wanted to take a picture with him, before the flash of the Canon he simply replied, "I'm not famous, i'm just a regular guy with an irregular job."

People see, people talk
What I hear the most about this man, "Antonio loves the game.". When people that know him speak they always stress the word love. But you don't have to be family, friends or a sports enthusiast to gather such obvious observations about #31's passion for the sport. Antonio is not only in the game, he becomes the game. And at 6'3 and 203 pounds, the 23 year old is all might.

Difficult circumstances, unlikely victories
He hurt his knee in 2005 so severely that the medical team would not clear him to play. Antonio begged but his pleas were unwarranted. During 2006 his mother underwent treatment for breast cancer, and he put football on hold for a more important love, blood. Then some of you may remember that in the 2006 first round picks Cromartie and his agent seemingly got an unfair deal when as the #19 pick, he took a $900,000 drop in cash flow with "unreasonable" incentives compared to the the #20 pick. Oh and he wasn't even supposed to start in 2007. Guess what? Difficult circumstances can always turn into victories...if even unlikely at first. Cromartie who was always seen to be a raw talent by his team and GM, A.J. Smith, lead the league in 10 interceptions last season and got to play in his first pro bowl. He didn't win defensive player of the year BUT he got a few votes for the title in his favor. And this is really just the beginning for Cromartie who was only in his second season. Wow...I wonder what greatness the future will hold for this young man.

Wedding bells?
Well one great thing the near future holds for Cromartie is more love. Not love for the game or just a love for his family, but an extended family. Antonio Cromartie as most fans know is getting married this summer. He'll be 24 by the time he jumps the broom with a lavish wedding ceremony taking place in ______ at the______with his lovely now fiance ______. Yeah sorry friends I can't give you too many details yet to protect the very delightful nuptials of the happy couple. Plus again many of you out there already know the who the when and maybe even the how.

But this I will share with you: these two really adore each other and the wedding is going to be fabulous!! Oh the decor, the elegance! I know there are some haters out there and people can say negative things all they wish about someone else's romance however nobody knows the true heart of a man but God, that man, that woman and maybe the people who are the closest to them. Trust, they are confident. I am helping to work this wedding so I plan to post some pictures at the right and permitted time to show you all.

I hope that you have your own unique greatness. Whatever that may be. For Antonio it is football, for Chris Brown it is singing and dancing, for Oprah it is reaching the world through talk, for Martha Stewart it is baking and decor, for my mom it is being so selflessly giving. What about you? Find yours and expand so it is not only for self, and share. I also hope that you have a special love that you can call your own. Not a shared one but your own. And if you don't have it YET then that's okay. It doesn't make you less. Hell some people just aren't ready or are full enough. But i ask that when you find it (however and whenever it may come to you) that you respect that love and be grateful. Some things will be taken and never returned again once mistreated. Message...

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