Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bryan Michael Cox a celebrity judge at Verseus Entertainment's "Almost Famous" talent showcase (and yes there was real talent present folks!)

B.Cox with what i call the "Black Hollywood Point" (at least it's not that damn peace sign everybody else is throwin' up in pictures.) DJ Nabs
Lil Mo was there with her man Philip before heading to Sugarhill
Cash Camp, "Crank Dat Yank" (oh boy...)
G and Joe Gutta perform, "Spotlight" (Tight!)
Shaquilla singing, "I can be your angel"
Jacob Latimore & his dancers. He is only 11 and has more flavor than a plate of hot wings with seasoned fries (like my analogy??)!
4-IZE, Kenoe (Producer), and friend
G and manager, Willie Anderson of the Cincinattie BengalsG, Willie and Joe Gutta tryna look all humble like. Naw these dudes are straight. (wink, wink!)

Bryan Michael Cox tells us who he has been working with and lets us know about his new website. A part of this video is a tiny bit blurred because Bryan was standing all close to me like he wanted to take me on a date. Okay i kid, i kid people don't trip. But real talk, he's a super cool dude and we know how VERY talented he is. And I honestly got the vibe that dude was really on the humble. And that counts for more than all the loud talking ish talker out there in the industry, my opinion. If you receive this post via feed or email please log onto To see the video. Thanks!

Verseus Entertainment Group puts on a showcase a few times a year called, "Almost Famous" where semi celebrities (in their own circles) display their talent before selected celebrity judges. The celebrity judges for this event were: Bryan Michael Cox (you already know) DJ Nabs (So So Def, 107.9), and Kawan "K.P." Prather. 4-IZE did a fantastic job making us laugh as the host of the super star talent show held at The Mark in downtown Atlanta.

Here is my conversation with DJ Nabs (one of the judges) about his career and what he considers true talent. He even gives big-ups to a certain rapper in the game. It may come as a surprise to some of you. Check it out by clicking right here.

Here is my conversation with new rapper G (one of the performers) and his manager Willie Anderson of the Cincinnati Bengals. I spoke with them before G's performance to find out more about this young star before he killed it on the stage. Willie's also got a FatBurger (A.K.A by me, FatBelly) restaurant here in Atlanta. Now he's got a talented kid on his hands!! Go willie. Yall know i'm all for not just relying on sports skills to pay the bills for life.(Note - i apologize yall, it was very loud in the club and i didn't realize that i didn't need to yell into the recorder to be heard. oopsie...)

G and Joe Gutta perform, "Spotlight" at the Almost Famous showcase. These boys are talented. If you receive this post via feed or email please log onto To see the video. Thanks!

So even though there were celebrity judges this is not American Idol friends. Rather the talent gets the opportunity to perform and if they are loved then Verseus owner, Rovella Williams, (too fabulous) puts the judges favorite in contact with each other. Deals can be made, projects can be started. The performers get a chance to be put onto the Almost Famous newsletter that subscribes to thousands of people.

My favorites of the night were: Jacob Latimore (and his dancers who i dub the "Fly Girls" of '08!), Don Dolla, Joe Gutter, Shequilla, and G.

That being said I'm coming for Joe Gutta, G and Lil Mo for future formal interviews so get ready artists!

Cash Camp (signed to Sony Epic) performed their single, "Crank dat yank" and other celebrities in attendance were Lil Mo, Kenoe (producer), and Johnta Austin.

Thank you Katena Keno for information about the event. You keep me posted and I appreciate you. And to Rovella Williams at Verseus I didn't know if this was going to be good but it was GREAT! Wonderful job. Check out Verseus at to sign up for the newsletter and stay posted on the next showcase. One is poppin' off in Miami right about now.

Last minute shout outs to: Gam Face Media and World over at Comcast production!

Enjoy the little footage pieces and pictures. Until next time...

The Juice ReportER (i'm on that sleepy juice and it sucks cuz i have class tonight. dang!)

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