Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snapfinger Elementary's American Idol with celebrity judges

Pictures from AccessAtlanta (my digital camera is down for a moment) The best line of the night from Chris Tucker, "Kids I used to go to this school so I might know some of your mama's but i ain't your daddy!"

This is about half of the kids that performed (the three girls with the silver headbands won 1st place & more!).

Last Friday night I had the extreme pleasure to do media for a talent show at Snapfinger Elementary on the east side of Atlanta. Besides sweating away every blessed carb that I had consumed that day while sitting in the school's gym where the show was held, I had such a good time! All I'm saying is that the gym could double as a health club sauna. But hey sweating is good because it releases toxins right?! Think positive.

By the time I arrived I had missed the first 3 performances however I was just in time to still be filled with laughter and warmth from the acts that the remaining 10 children put on. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for kids. And these youngsters were brave to get up there and sing, dance, and put all their effort before a packed audience. The best part was every child got a gift certificate award and it was emphasized strongly that all the kids were winners. And they were to me.

Guest celebrity judges included: the always hilarious and kind, Chris Tucker, the now producing, T-Boz, Blaque (yes they are coming back! now involved in recording a new reality show...more on that below), Marlon Campbell (screenwriter of the new movie, "Oblivious" to release Summer 2009 and cousin of Tyler Perry), and another producer. Ronnie DeVoe was also expected in appearance but I'm unsure of his whereabouts.

The celebrity judges were of course very positive and graceful with the children. Chris tucker's heart is so soft that he could not even participate in judging the kids. He didn't think he could choose one winner. Tucker used to attend Snapfinger Elementary as a child. He constantly made jokes with the audience about his tenure at the school before and after receiving a thank you plaque that every judge received. Tucker's best friend has 3 children that now attend the school and he was invited to lead the judging panel. It was such a treat for the children who treated him like he was a modern day Chris Brown, fanning themselves at his sight (and it wasn't the heat of the gym yall), flirting with him, and crowding him for autographs and pictures. Chris and the rest of the celebs obliged.

The winners for the night was a three girl group of chocolate dimes. Friends they were so precious. They won with their "Give me Body" (Beyonce) dance/song medley. These little girls shimmied like Tina Turner no lie! The most exciting thing about their performance is that they were so good that the ladies from Blaque stood up and praised them and then told them that they would be featured on the reality show, play the girls from Blaque when they were younger, and be in the next music video. The kids and parents were so excited jumping up and down I thought the stage would come undone. Instead the Heavens were smiling. It's good to see kids so happy.

Thanks so much to Pam Pinnock of A List PR for the details of the event and for allowing me to secure private interviews with some of the judges (Blaque & Marlon Campbell) at a future date. She was very nice and efficient without coming off rushed and too busy. This isn't always easy in a crowd such as Friday's. But I give love to most of the publicists I have met in this last 6 months. Many events you all have quite the job before you.

Stayed tuned for more on Blaque's upcoming reality show, interviews, and movie appearance for Natina Reed in Marlon Campbell's "Oblivious". The ladies still look the same, so pretty! This picture came out from my toss away camera. Dang I feel like a lame using those these days. Praying for my digital to get fixed ASAP!

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