Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More on Cheri Dennis and her views in this industry

Cheri Dennis, of Bad Boy records just dropped her highly anticipated album last week. You can watch the 1st Cheri Dennis interview snippet I posted right here! Well during Cheri's meet and great luncheon at Atlantic Records there was alot more talk going on then what I posted. Today I am sharing some more audio footage from the outspoken and honest singer.

Listen here to Cheri on her start and Cheri on what some call "the Bad Boy curse", etc. (All New!)

Also Sheena Neal interviewed the incredible Ms.Dennis for the March edition of Klutch Magazine. The confident Dennis talks about love, karma, obstacles and conflicts. You can check out her piece right here.

You can catch Lachelle Morris of Honey Magazine talking to Cheri as well here.

Pick up Cheri's album in your local record store or right here since you are thinking about it! This woman is not a one hit wonder but someone the music business should truly appreciate. I wish her all the luck in the world in her 1st week sales!

One more time...
Cheri Dennis speaks here and again here!

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  1. Miesha,

    You are on it dagonit! Great job and thanks for the plug! I love Miss Cheri Dennis for her candidness and honesty.


  2. Cheri is awesome. You're welcome...you had a great interview. :)


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