Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The 1st African American governor of New York: David Paterson!

New, African American Governor of New York, David Paterson

I just want to give a happy shout to the 1st African American governor of New York: David Paterson! Not only is he the 1st black governor of New York but he's the 8th ever black governor in American history! Mr. Paterson seems to be a pleasant and well received man whose time has just come. I am praying he does well. It means so much not only for New York but our country. Who would have imagined that our country would get to a place that blacks are considered able to lead by the general population. I do not say this to be negative but to be real. Racism took captive the mind of many and turned them into fools to base a humans rights, acceptance, worth and leadership abilities off of the pigmentation of skin. And of which the beholder has none control over such birth sets determined by God Himself. David Paterson for sure is fallible because he is just a man, but i'm glad he is a black man!

This victory comes after the shocking scandals of prostitution and misuse of funds lead by former New York governor Eliot Spitzer. And I am not making this a black and white thing because any man or woman has and can mess up. But I'm saying that God has a way of working things out however. The big apple suffered momentarily over the discovery and demise of Spitzer and his dark secrets, Spitzer resigned and in came David Patterson, the legally blind new governor who ran for Lt. Governor two years previous. Now how is that for God using one with "imperfections" and obstacles to run things! 1 Corinthians 1:26-29. Go God!

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  1. Wow,David still got into office despite the votes that got the crooked Elliot Spitzer in office. David has really beat all odds! It is history to see a black man as the Governor and on top of that for the state of New York. This is truly history!


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