Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lil Wayne is free...for a long while we hope

I decided against the mug shot know...if it were here's a regular pic of ya boy just cuz i love me some hiiiiiim!!!

So he was arrested last Saturday and then released very quickly on a $10,000 bond, chump change to the rapper I bet.

While most of the world is getting ready in Atlanta for the 2nd Annual BET Hip Hop Awards held at the Atlanta Civic Center (wooo hooo...plug plug...come one BET sponsor me...I endorse!)...Weezy is in the A too, but it's because he also had to appear for a court date due to a felony charge in Fulton County, Georgia for drug possession.

But the show must go on because my man is on tour for the entire month on the North West side of the U.S. It looks like Wayne doesn't let too much stop him.

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