Monday, October 29, 2007

Ciara and friends party at the Velvet Room in Atlanta

CC arriving in style
" The Glamerous...flossy...flossy"

Interviews...interviews...everyone wants to talk to the princess

CC and Ne-Yo in his signature cap... (they are both very nice)

An 8 foot cake made for a sweet diva! YUM!!!

Daddy and Mommy...such a great family
"Hi I'm Bobby V!"

Diamond wasn't iced out
Above pics from Celebrity Woo Hoo
Getting tired of hearing about Ciara? Well too bad cuz she's hot right now with her 5 city birthday tour, Rocawear modeling & endorsement contract and new movie adaption of the play, Momma I Want to Sing. CC's got her hands full.

Well stop number 3 on her 5 city tour was in hometown, Atlanta as I mentioned last week. She came to the A last night right in the middle of her promotion to celebrate in her born city with her fans, friends and family at the Velvet Room club, arguably one of the hottest night spots in Atlanta, period!

Ciara was joined by her father, mother, Ne-Yo, Lil Scrappy, London (R&B singer recently signed to Hush Management by Kinky B), Diamond (Crime Mob),Drumma Boy (music producer),Stay Fresh (music producer), Buckeey (Shay Johnson), Bobby Valentino, "Punk" (muscle hunk of I Love New York 2), and a host of others to celebrate her Atlanta birthday party in style!

As Ciara arrived looking FAB and toned to grace the red carpet at 12:45 a.m., she was noted saying upon an interview that this was the first time in her musical career that she had a birthday party in Atlanta.

She seemed to have fun requesting songs as well as sing some of her own jams (that were being played for a good portion of the night) from her towering spot in VIP, that had almost as many people in it as the actual dance floor did. When I got to VIP some girls were flirting with Ne-Yo, a few rappers were standing around looking over important and cool, several chicks were waving their booties hoping to become a model in the next video and of course you had some dudes taking advantage of that booty promise. Other people were drinking, dancing and laughing. Not much of a drinker or a fan of random men feeling all over me I chilled in the "exclusive" (it was nice to go up there sure but I'm just making fun of how people pee on themselves to go to VIP...self included at certain times...shameless guilt) section and didn't stay too long. Shoot it was getting late! Even with all the carousing going on up the VIP stairs, Ciara was very poised, thankful and pleasant in normal Ciara fashion. Her birthday cake was huge at 8 feet and decorated in red and white. Toward the end of the evening her father spoke about how grateful he was the be there and have his daughter. It was his actual birthday that evening. Awww! Two Scorpios in the family! It was a great night, the club was still pretty stacked by the time I left at 2:00 a.m.

Alex Gidewon, the owner of The Velvet Room on Chamblee Tucker Rd. as well as The Compound on Brady Street in Midtown Atlanta knows how to make sure an event goes smoothly.

Nicole Garner (and the rest of her team) of The Garner Circle PR did an amazing job like she always does keeping the media on the red carpet together as well as making sure her stars of the nights (Ciara and Ne-Yo) were taken care of. Nicole is really making waves her involvement in these excellent celebrity events. She is trusted to take care of people and for good reason. She is very hands on and pleasant while doing it with a non "Hollywood" attitude. Recently Nicole was honored by Rolling Out Magazine on their top 25 list of most influential women in Atlanta. Well deserved for a young, ethnic, hard working woman.

So next week it's Jay-Z at The Velvet Room friends. As I understand there is no media allowed. I don't know if this will change or not but if it does it will probably be media accepted like, BET, Source, VIBE, etc. I told you last week and I'll tell you again, $50 to get in or $100 for the VIP line. Unless you know somebody who knows somebody. I need to get to know somebody. And if you know somebody that I can know then let me know. And until next time. Ciao!

NOTE: I met some cool cats on the carpet made of red...
1. CJ & the Sagittarius from (an urban gamers website, super rad!)
2. Davone from Clutch Magazine ( a women's fashion, celebrity magazine with a strong online presence.
3. Kavario from Hip Hop Weekly magazine ( Digitally and online they are killing it! This magazine spin off from Source Magazine has been in publication for a year and is the top selling magazine in the market today!!! They have a new project called Monster, a bigger more political, Hip Hop magazine that's gonna be outta the water. Kavario is also writing a book.
please forgive me if I misspelled any of your names...

Look out for those folks and check out their websites. They are on the come up or already moved up! Give respect where respect is due!

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