Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TI verses TIP

Man under fire

I've been careful about writing this one because of my love and respect for Grand Hustle Entertainment. Not to mention there are so many other bloggers and media dogs on top of this story and responsible for blowing it up that everyone already knows. So what is my little two cents worth? Well I believe it is worth more than 50 cents and so I say this:

TI, TIP, Clifford Harris and family I wish you all well, TIP can beat this. Many of us are praying. I know you are too. Please don't care about his money as much as you care about his life...without a life to live...what is the money you earned????!!!

TIP you have a bigger responsibility to the youngsters out here because of your swag, following and television appeal. They look up to you because their dead beat pops aint around! I really don't think that you are a danger even though you had all of those me naive but I don't believe that you planned to go out there on a mad cow shooting spree so I'm hoping this all will be resolved quickly. A powerful black man like you needs to be free so you can raise your family and be a blazing force of strength in the community. Because you've been to the trap you know how to guide the kids out of the trap onto a better life. It may not be rapping for all of them but it's not selling drugs for any them. That much you know because that is the same life you gave up.

It is my hope and prayer that the King's Foundation, your awesome non-profit organization which was just recently started this past summer will become a pilar in the community for young kids to help make a difference and keep them off of the streets. But of course leader, we need the man to lead by example. We all get caught up, it's ok, it's forgiven for it is your life to live but now you've got to take that same breath that God allowed you and blow from your nostrils so much positivity from this experience that it puts all haters to shame. Who cares about pride when your life is over? Ask Big and Pac if they could change things would they. You have been given many chances to keep living, not by man but by God Himself. We don't want to see our current hero, the King of the South to end up a shoulda coulda woulda. We need you. Within you lies so much power, power that can go in either direction.

The set-up that happened to you by your "body guard" is so disturbing and it seems unfair especially because the BET Hip Hop awards was one of your big nights! Hello 9 nominations is crazy man and we MISSED you. So how about no more good verses evil in the saga of TI verses TIP. TIP, it's a real battle but now we are fighting for the part of you that is real yet responsible. You've been through this before, I know you will use this publicity for good. We all saw you on BET last month going head to head about the Hip Hop controversy and your honesty was herald and appreciated. I only want to see you exceed and live to see it. To whom much is given, much is expected. God bless.

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  1. This whole scenario makes me sad. TIP hold your head up. I believe that you can come out of this with a positive outlook on your life and what's to come. I am praying for you!!


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