Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Why Did I Get Married?" Reveals WHY - Movie Review

Okay so lots of hype many times spoils the actual event for me many times. But not so with Tyler Perry's latest film, "Why Did I Get Married?" staring Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Malik Yoba (where's he been?) and Tyler Perry. The film earned a stunning $22 million in its first weekend of sales which is a first for a Tyler Perry movie. It seems this film has crossed the color and gender lines more than films of Perry's in the past.

By the time I'd seen the movie it had been out for a week already so of course I heard good things and got great vibes from watching the movie trailers but of course you can't rely solely on hear say and fake out trailers is my motto in movies. I sat expectantly in my seat next to two others I had come with and waited for the movie "gods" to razzle me with their dazzle. And Razzled I was! The movie was so touching, funny, real, honest, strong, risky, all of that. I was so in tune to the film that even on the many funny parts I almost didn't want to laugh and miss any of the dialog.

Most of you know it's about marriage and the ups, downs, secrets, break-ups, make-ups, power, and extreme love that is involved in this very important union. This movie hails those marital attributes of 4 married couples (almost all professionals) a perfectly placed stud and one skank (if you've seen the movie you know who skank is) as they travel their yearly trip together for a retreat this time to Colorado Mountains. However this time, the retreat is not so retreating as tempers explode, relationships come to ruin, faith is tested, and indiscretions are laid bare before every relationship in the cabin. But by movie's end everyone knows why they got married and want to stay married and gets a lesson in love and gratitude. Sometimes its time to let go and others it is time to hold on tighter and make it right for love's sake!

Jill Scott to me gave a STELLAR performance as overweight, Sheila who has a crap of a husband Mike. Sheila is overweight and under confident for the greater part of the movie until she decides to put her seemingly shattered life in God's mysterious hands as she moves down an unexpected but wondrous road in her life. One of her final scenes had me crying like a wet baby. OH!

J. Jackson also does a killer job of bringing some phat tears out of me in her scene with film husband, Malik Yoba when they are faced at odds with each other after arriving back home early to really face a past tragedy that they never dared to dissect.

Tasha Smith, OMG does the best job at making the audience laugh the entire movie with her over the top opera screaming like yelling during 99.9% of the film.

The male actors did great in this film too however I say that the nods go first to the females who stand out in this fancy feature! Go girls! Yes there were a few cheezy lines and scene or so of over acting but this film still falls nothing short of an A.

We got the ghetto, the funny, the real, the hush hush and the LOVE JONES all in this movie. If you haven't...go see it and then go get it on DVD when it hits shelves. It helps women to see how important it is to wait on a good husband, move on from the bums, treat your husband with love and respect, and be vulnerable in fear. It teaches men that martial infidelity is cheap and never worth it, to communicate with their wives, be honest, treat her like a queen when you have her, and always make sure that you and others respect your woman! This film will relate to most people in at least some way. I'm a believer...woo hooo!

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