Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Colin Farrell's 4 year old son's first steps

Colin and son James

In a touching interview Colin Farrell shares his heart instead of his party methods. He has a four year old son with ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave, whom he shares custody. In the year when several stars are coming out into the open about their children's diseases and birth defects, (Tisha Cambell and Duane Martin, Jenny McCarthy, etc.) Colin shares intimately that his son James has a very rare neuro-genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome. It is a form of Cerebral Palsy and affects walking, speaking and other basic neurological functions in the carriers.
But Colin's tears come from the fact not that he has the disease but that James just took his first step recently! The child hasn't walked since he was born. The attractive Irish actor shares that at that moment, "There wasn't a dry eye in the house" and that, "All the work done was James alone". He says that the child is very happy and determined and that he feels blessed and awed by his child's spirit.
While it's sad to see any child suffer from a disability or disease the positive aspect is that it shows that celebs are real just like the rest of us. They go through what many of us do except on a grander scale being in the spot light. Many times we make these television money makers out to be pseudo gods when really they are made of flesh and cry the same tears we do at times for the same heart breaks. It was very honest for Colin and everyone else with these similar battles to share this. Jenny McCarthy has even written a book to talk about it and give support to others. I'm very proud of HollyWeird on this one.


  1. The only difference between hollyweird and day to day people is the stardom that surrounds them. They are not untouchable by no means. I am happy to see that Colin Farrell is being a father to his son. So many people rich or poor run away from the difficulties of caring for a handicap child.

  2. so true lighteyes...well put. these folks r normal...well kinda strange but normal and go to the potty like the rest of us do yo.

  3. Yall r both right on! Colin seems to have softened up some over the last couple of years...children have that effect on ya i c. :)


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