Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ray-J's harem. How the self proclaimed, "Sex Machine" got to 1,100 women...what's so good about his lovin'??

Sex tape gone bad

Well we don't know what's so good about his lovin' yet (the book is still in the makings) but we can ask past lovers such as: Kim Kardashian, Karrine Steffans (can't get enough her her i guess), Lil Kim and Whitney the HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLZZZ did dude get some of these fine and successful women off of his half priced fame?! Yes in 11 years he got those staggering number...i guess since he started doing the horizontal mambo at 10 YO! I just wanna know but despite my confusion (and disgust) the book is getting much buzz...just like little Brandy Jr. wanted huh?!
RJ is SUCH a media whore...remember the sex tape scandal with ex Kardashian?!! I guess Ray-J was the only one who knew he was gonna be a "Celebrity Overnight" with this one. Kim was on the Hell No tip or she missed the "I'm gonna make this tape public" memo from former flame Ray-J I guess. Yeah he's a whore! Anyway- Well look out for it if you like that kinda juicy smut!

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