Friday, October 5, 2007

Jamie Foxx doesn't like pretty, successful girls

One of the funniest men alive, actor, comedian, musician, Jaimie Foxx said that he would turn down a date with Halle Berry because he couldn't handle having a more successful partner. The star of the new action drama, The Kingdom shares that he needs a lot of love and attention in a relationship and feels he wouldn't get that with another celebrity.

"We're all like little kids: we all need a lot of attention and we all need to talk about ourselves. And that could be real conflict! Imagine if your movie's not hot and hers is. That would make going out with Halle Berry a nightmare!" Jamie reveals.

Well at least he knows himself and his ego. He just likes to srew 'em yall, but nah dating for real for real...naaah! Anyway i'm not a HollyWeird star but Jamie I don't want to go out with a celebrity either. Too much drama it seems or hell maybe like Jamie it's an ego thang.

Oh well.

p.s. OMG tell me why dude had Karine Steffans on his radio show (satellite radio) talking about her current engagement (yall first i heard it was weezy who she claims is ugly in her new book...and she better watch her mouf cuz i lovededed him! and then i heard its ol dude from "Family Matter", remember Eddie Winslow??!! who knows what's true...publicity, publicity!) and how they tried to hook up once before Jamie found out she was Super Head, etc. Lots of laughs! The two have a great friendship chemistry.

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