Friday, October 26, 2007

Jermaine Dupri and Sean "Diddy" Combs, money made of liquor

Jermaine at at book signing for, "Young Rich and Dangerous" 10/23/07

Rappers and Hip Hop moguls are delighting in the money that liquor is bringing them these October days!

Jermaine "JD" Dupri is mega rich, classy and even on the kinda snobbish side according to some who have met him (and yes I have met him, but his attitude I will not talk about). He's a rapper, music producer, club owner, label mogul of So So Def Records in Atlanta and now he can add blank and writer to his accomplishments.

Dupri is the new face of Courvoisier VSOP entitled, "Find Greatness Within" and is surrounded by things that have made him successful in the ADS. The AD tagline reads, “Layers of subtlety and taste, developed over time. Enjoy Responsibly.”

Jermaine's new book released earlier this month, "Young Rich and Dangerous (which was also the title for the last Kris Kross album in 1996)" is a guide into the Hip Hop game. He also speaks very candidly about some touchy subjects like the Justin Timerlake and Janet Jackson wardrobe uh-oh Superbowl fiasco over 3 years ago! According to Dupri is still perturbed that Timberlake left Jackson to the wolves being that it was him that exposed the breast in the first place.

"I think Justin Timberlake is a talented performer. But he's very ordinary-looking. He could be any skinny white kid from the suburbs of Orlando. You could go to the mall and find another Justin. He doesn't make his style interesting even when he's onstage. To me, he just doesn't look like a star."

Well Dupri despite what Justin "looks like" according to you because most of American women feel that he looks just fine.

Other liquor news has Sean "Diddy" Combs as the man behind Ciroc Vodka. But the difference between Diddy and Dupri is that he is more than an endorsement because he is helping to develop the brand and gets a percent of the profits. Sounds lucrative Dids! Maybe Ciroc will do for Puff what VitaminWater did for 50...nah...but extra money is always nice!

Diddy recently put out his Unforgivable fragrance line for men and women and just got finished making another band earlier this summer so he stays busy making money and in the eye of the public. Although I'm not too faithful that the latest "band" is going to do so well as in the past after these hopefuls drop their first album they seem to fall off of the face of the music charts. Star development Diddy...learn it.

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