Friday, October 19, 2007

Shar Jackson: Actress turned baby mama turned Celebrity Rap Super Star!

All that glitters IS gold and black for Shar Jackson, winner of the competition
(singing Missy Elliot's, "Get your freak on")

Celebrity Rap Super Star...well it can be better than a ghetto super star in her case. And that's because I don't think Shar Jackson would make it as a ghetto super star but then again neither would I. So she's not the best female rapper there is however Shar is certainly cute, confident, pleasant, and stylish. I think Countess Vaughn who had to self drop out of the competition for her own personal reasons has a better Hip Hop and rap sound but Jackson comes a close second with her bubbliness and unique charm. She the kind of adorable that's endearing partly because her personal life was publicly thrown to the wolves in the media regarding her past relationship with another wanna be rapper, Kevin Federline and she handled it so well. God must have been saving her from something!

Well I'm glad her and Britney got rid of K. Fed and super glad that Shar won the coveted Golden Mike over Perez, Jason, Jamal, Efren, Sabastian, and Kendra (who was in the final two with Shar)...Kendra yes is cute in a playboy dingy kinda way and yes she likes the Hip Hop culture but she aint got enough rhythm for this game. Oh and she kept forgetting the words so...nuh uh...but hey gotta give her a C for effort...but not an A.

Shar ended the show with Kanye West's popular, "Good Life" before the entire cast joined the stage to participate in Naughty By Nature's, "Hip Hop Hooray"! It was cute, it was fun, and totally not serious. I hope they didn't take it too serious that is. Oh boy...I guess we'll see.

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  1. You know what I like Shar. I am sad she got tangled up with Kevin. I think the more money he receives from Britney, Shar should increase her child support. I'm just saying what's right is right!


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