Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bones- Atlanta restaurant review

3130 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: 404-237-2663
Fax: 404-233-5704

I have been to Bones before so when I recently paid the well known restaurant a return visit I was excited and filled with a sense of distant familiar. Nothing of a "bandwagoner" I say what I mean and mean what I say upon reviews based on true experience regardless of the status quo. And again it had been a while since I stepped ground into Bones but one who has dined in such exquisiteness will not quickly forget the wonderful meal that once filled the tummy and tempted the mouth for more.

Well nothing had changed. Nope. And probably not since the dining house opening in 1979. Upon my third visit at this fine Atlanta establishment I saw that Bones still had the old classic style. Like your grandfather's study or envision a private college rugby team's honorable awards dinner at the old headmasters estate. If you have an imagination you can see what I see now. The rooms are filled with dark comfortable browns, sturdy wood, reds, worn yet still fabulous carpets, and oil paintings that line proudly above the white linen dressed dining tables. The theme is old money. Even the lavatory facilities are styled and sturdy with full, private doors on each stall. I know it's rude to talk about restrooms, even clean ones like these and food at the same time but I'm sticking with giving you a visual view of the restaurant in this paragraph so bear with me!

Bring your heaviest wallet or daddy's wallet but bring one with knowledge that you will spend but that the spending will be worth every single delicious bite of the favored cut of fillet mignon you may choose to be served to you! And served you will be. The meals are served to perfection from a large menu including an extensive wine list from the BEST wait staff i have EVER countered in Atlanta. Polite, prissy professional without being too stiff. Our waiter wasn't quite as fast as i'd wished that night however not only does good food take time but I watched all the wait staff around me that night and collectively they were astounding in their service! Even the complimentary valet, please tip them (if it is raining they give you an umbrella!) is on top of their game.

Appetizing- Try the cold shrimp appetizer or the house or cesar salad. The shrimp is large and plump and both salad and seafood are fresh.

The best sides and veggies- You must try the spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, hash browns (OMG!!!!) and mashed potatoes...yes all of them!

The best dessert- Just about all of it is me we ordered almost everything. The only thing that disappoints is the cheesecake, which is more reminiscent of a huge molded milk wad with cream and powdered sugar accompanied by pretty fruit compost as if the fruit is supposed to make up for the lack in bland flavor. Uhmmm...No!

Great tables- We didn't have a private room for our party of 8 as I have before however the experience and view were still wonderful in this large restaurant.

Great space- again the place is huge and has two levels...2.5 if you count the slightly elevated bar area.

Good things come to those who wait yes you wait a while for your t-bone, fillet mignon (the taste is perfect!), veal, lamb (oh was good!) but u wait a while in a high class primarily steak and seafood restaurant. And trust me I am not a red meat fanatic BUT i'm willing to cheat every once in a year for the tastesation that is Bones. This is not a place that serves you just bones, no the opposite...your plate will be stacked from this non fru fru menu. Of course we know that Bones was named for the fact that it is a red meat house and some of the cuts of meat have bones right? Well anything sounds good to me as long as they keep that high standard that has kept them best rated for 20 years.


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