Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The 2008 Trumpet Awards

Luda with his mother. He's been honored for a few awards in less than 6 months!
Marcus Johnson, an incredible Jazz keyboardist (with a JD and MBA!)
My FAVE female singer

"Hey Pebo....!" Chris ran down the red carpet after the legendary singer
The hilarious "Miss Sophia" came through repping popular V-103 Atlanta Radio

Ms. April getting interviews with all the stars and wearing the best dress in the house while doing it!

A surly looking Rev. Jessie Jackson with his lovely daughter

Dekalb County- Vernon Jones...great guy.
The remarkable Angie Stone and her fabulous "boy toy"
Frank and Tanya Ski...Atlanta radio royalty

Keith Sweat still looking mighty fine
Ernie doesn't seem to age either...
G. Garvin and Kym Whitley...flirtin'. She called him..."LL Cool Jay!"...yeah I can see that.

This woman has a message!
At first I was nervous that like the cancelled Golden Globes ,even the 2008 Trumpet Awards would be a bust due to the ongoing writers strike (and i am aware that this particular awards show should not be affected by the strike.) that has forced television loving Americans to watch re-runs of their favorite prime-times or to dig into reality tv a little more. I hope Hollyweird comes to an agreement in all this quickly!

I prepared to cover this event not expecting a whole bunch of star power to bring down the house because it was set for the same weekend/day as the Golden Globes. Well it happened on Sunday, for the 1st time in my life (well uhhmm maybe the second) I was wrong. This year's prestigious Trumpet sounded loudly enough to bring in some of Entertainments and business' elite heavy hitter. For those of you dullards that don't know what the Trumpet Awards are, do your homework!! But for now, I will tell you that it is an annual award show est. 1993 formed by Xernona Clayton. The Trumpet Awards honors African Americans for excellence and accomplishments in categories such as: entertainment, medicine, business, politics and law! There are several smaller events, a large beautiful banquet, a press junket and the red carpet awards show, this year hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. This year's entertainment nominees were: Halle Berry, Danny Glover, Ludacris, and Brian Jordan. All attended except Halle Berry due to doctors orders regarding travel. To name a few other honorees: Sheila Johnson, Dr. T.B. Boyd III and the Moss twins (Doctors) and there there were several more. The elegant awards show, airing on TV One on March 3rd 2008 (check you local listing for times) was a huge success!! In fact we might be able to thank the cancellation of the "bigger" awards show for that...thanks to the non activity of the Golden Globes! Saturday a press junket was held and the actual ceremony took place at the Atlanta Civic Center on Sunday, January 13th. Favorites by the likes of: Samuel L. Jackson (one of my favorite actors!!), Danny Glover, Ludacris (YES!!), Judge Hatchet (very kind and lovely), India Arie (she's SO amazing!!), Chris Tucker (who brought his mother and was singing to Pebo Brison down the red carpet), Jesse Jackson (rather stiff), Tom Joyner (old but fabulous), Kym Whitley (she's funnier in person! plus she's lost weight...HOT!), Sheryl Lee Ralph (powerful and passionate speaker), James Avery (broke his foot), Pebo Brison (got serenaded), Brian Jordan, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin (this woman is elegant!), Angie Stone (arriving with her "boy toy" and looking fierce!), Lalah Hathaway (Donny Hathaway's singing daughter!), Hill Harper (writer, actor, philanthropy) , Emmanuel Lewis (short and sweet), Bernice king (The King family will always live), Pastor Bobby Jones (can i get a witness?!), Vernon Jones (Dekalb County comm.), Frank Ski and Tanya and Miss Sophia (top Atlanta radio host, philanthropy and radio co-host), Keith Sweat ("nobody baby!"), Lou Gosset Jr. (looking gooooooooowd!), G. Garvin (now i'm hungry!), Miss Black Georgia USA, Victoria Rowell, Dawn Lewis (it IS "A Different World" but girlfriend still looks great!), Ronald S. Martin (a tv one show host), Shereef Abdur-Rahim, Marcus Johnson, Ernie Hudson, and etc. came to support the important event.

The Trumpet Awards didn't get trumped! And nor should they have. They are honorable awards given to recipients who have dedicated their time to making a difference. I'm so blessed that I was amongst so many powerful, positive black faces that weekend. I want to thank Lachelle Morris of HoneyMag.com ATL for giving me the heads up and Bunnie Jackson-Ransom & Zachery Slaton of First Class, Inc. for allowing me admittance into this memorable event.


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