Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mychael Knight introduces Kitty & Dick lingerie line at club Opera

Joi, Mychael Knight & TweetKitty Litter

Go Falcons!
Pretty from "I Love New York 2 "and "College Hill" reality star
Brian Jordan
D. Woods (Danity Kane) holding it down!

Princess (Crime Mob) came to show loveKitties Litter performs with Joi
He didn't win on project Runway but he's won in the hearts of celebrities like, D. Woods, Queen Latifah, Jagged Edge, 112, Ciara, Lisa Raye and Eva Pigford. His unique designs are sexy and body complementing. Now Mychael Knight introduces The K&D Suite collection. A line of lingerie classy and yet uber sexy.

Last night at club Opera on Peachtree Rd. in Atlanta, Myke invited a few of his celebrity friends like D. Woods (who has a new season of Making the Band coming to MTV soon), Brian Jordan, Princess (of Crime Mob...cute as a button), Pretty (from VH1's I Love New York 2. And he told me..."Yes the show is real, and yes it was valid for him to get mad at the way New York treated his sister, and no he would not take a woman like New York out in public and, now he is recently signed with a modeling agency) a few Atlanta Falcons as well as other guests out to join him for a spicy fashion show case. K&D or Kitty & Dick...a mixture of male entwined with female and naughty brushed up against nice, is modeled by a group of lovely ladies called, Kitty Litter. The super six model the lingerie and bring more appeal to it by performing. They are chosen to represent Kitty & Dick. My vote is great idea!

When I first heard the name, Kitty Litter I turned my nose up thinking..."How dumb" but by the end of KL's first dance I was on my feet wanting the litter of girlie kitties to continue their erotic stage cat dance. I am a woman but the music mixed with these professional flawless dancers was intoxicating even for an all straight woman like myself. And I sat through several different sets of Kitty Litter performing to the sounds of the DJ (i'd hire dude for a party) that was on fire the entire knight! Or maybe part of my awe was the sponsored Hennessy that they kept serving to the guests all night long. Do try Hennessy and Pomegranate juice I gotta! Thanks Hennessey!

Speaking of purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect performances, Joi performed, looking super glam and Tweet ended the evening with "Oops" performed just like it was several years ago with the onstage kitties feverishly dancing joy into the hearts of every red blooded male in the FULL audience. Yet there was no need for women to feel insecure. I got a sense that these girls are very real, and normal women who have on good make-up and work amazingly well with their choreographer, Victor Jackson. That's not to diminish them but to make them more touchable to the common woman out there who maybe feels she can't compete. Advice: Don't! We all have our talents and dancing is theirs. And that fact left me with the feeling that I had been to the most incredible fashion show 2008! Well what do you want me to say? It's only January so give me some time to see how Mychael's competition fares. But yes he put on a fab SHOW...dancing in fashion made it that much more electric.

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  1. you did a great job of describing everything

  2. Great review! I cannot wait to have in my collection the Kitty & Dick Lingere! Hello! Keep it grown-n-sexy!

  3. Thanks for visiting the site. yeah it actually revolves around music. Not heavy on gossip just sharing our tastes and finding out about others and trying to support those that aren't played 24/7 on the radio (which seems to have a very limited playlist)

    Will definitely visit your blog more often!


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