Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Floyd "Money" Mayweather at club Dreamz last Saturday

Floyd smiling for me (yeah he wants me...giggle) in one of the VIP rooms at club Dreams
It's all about the Benjamin's baby!
Floyd (in the white t) and his boyz making it rain on them O's!
Jason Jeter and Alphamega from Grand Hustle showed up to show some love.

He made it rain (yes he threw out thousands of dollars into the crowd), he gave out bottles of champagne, he talked ish while he paraded on the stage, he tried to pay dancing hopefuls (girls of course) $1,000 for a shake 'em dance contest but the contest never took place, but mostly he just smiled and cheesed the entire night as women relentlessly flocked him like he was a new diamond encrusted Prada bag left unattended. Welcome to the world of Floyd "Money" Mayweather! He tore up club Dreamz on Saturday night celebrating his latest boxing win against Ricky Hatton.

The money man who gained a reported $11 million from his latest brawl may stand 5 foot 4 on a good day, and have an old man's name but he's got a very young, magnetic and vibrant spirit. You can tell he would be a kick A** friend to have. Club Dreams is a HUGE spot, with three VIP areas in Atlanta located on Clairmont Rd. off of 85. They had Lil Kim and Gucci Mane the weekend before so check them out. Thanks to Dante of Lotus Lounge for putting us on the list and AK the Razor Man from Grand Hustle for getting me in VIP. AK's got a new video coming out yall. Look out for this HOT hustler! Other people that came through that night were: Jason Jeter, Alphamega, Shay "Buckey" Johnson, Bobby Valentino and Cedric the Entertainer. Anyway these are pictures i got of the party and Floyd that night...he was so much fun and very nice, a little spacey, but very nice. I was feverishly bored to tears the entire night until i got to meet Floyd, get some pics and then my camera went out like the damn luck that i have so i was 4:15 in the morning yall so I was happy to go. Anyway I say all that to say I was bored and tired until I met the boxing champ who's infectious spirit helped to pick up my drained body a bit. Go Floyd...the best trash talker in boxing...EVER!

I hope your new year was exciting and yet peaceful darlings. :)


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  1. Mayweather is HOT!!! OOOH WEEEEE!!!! He may be small but he's tough...YUM!


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