Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hillary Clinton on the Tyra Banks show to air this Friday

Female presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton taped an episode with the Tyra Banks show recently. The special episode is set to air on Friday. Hillary is trying to smartly get publicity and appeal to female voters and of course Tyra's "followers". I like Hill, but I hope Barack Obama is going to get the win. :)

Anyhow during the Clinton and Banks show interview, the democratic candidate discussed the emotional moment she had with voters on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, her recent comments about Martin Luther King Jr. that helped push the issue of race to the forefront of the campaign against Obama, and tells viewers that if she had to choose a reality show to be on, it would be, Dancing with the Stars over American Idol since she can't sing. She also said that being on America's Top Model, would be something she can only dream about. Oh...so Hillary thinks she can dance? Or is it just that dancing is the lessor of the two evils? Who knows...but she's making press.

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