Friday, January 18, 2008

Juice on the street is that Luda is opening up a new restaurant in Atlanta!

Luda on the red carpet at the 2008 Trumpet Awards

Where else would Ludacris open up a new restaurant but home sweet home, Atlanta, GA! The Juice on the Street is that the new digs, Straits Restaurant will be located at 793 Juniper Street in the Midtown area of city and will seat 215 guests. This will be the 4th location of the fancy yet reasonably priced restaurant in the states. Straits has 3 locations already in California where Luda was first impressed by the food while dining in the San Francisco location. Chris Yeo, the owner and Chef of Straits is partnering with the rapping actor to bring this modern Singapore dining location to Atlanta. Look out for this guaranteed new hot spot in April 2008. You know the opening is gonna be fabulous! Check out the tantalizing menu at

It's smart/great that Chris is investing and staying out of trouble. Luda is confident, outspoken and not a pushover so I know this investment was well thought about. His mother, who helps run some of his businesses probably also gave the thumbs up. I look forward to this place to eat owned by a rapper, like Cafe Dupri and Justin's.

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