Wednesday, January 9, 2008

AK Tha Razor Man (Grand Hustle/PSC) album release party!

AK don't smile...
Well maybe a must've been my perfume... :)
Me and Lawanda (yes the photo cut the top part of my head kind. But isn't Lawanda too cute??!!)

This past weekend was a busy one for me, on one of those evenings I had the privilege to attend an album release party for AK Tha Razor Man (Akeem Lawal) in downtown Atlanta. AK is known to be a member of Grand Hustle's PSC and what better time to come out with his hot new album, "My face Card" .And faithful to tha man's moniker, his lyrics will quickly slice you. T.I. is currently recording an album, "Paper Trail" however since he is on house arrest making moves from his home studio (which is pretty nice I can say) he isn't able to tour or make outside appearances that help albums to further explode (although the controversy surrounding his situation alone might blow him up real nice). AK, like other Grand Hustle artists, Dro, Kuntry, Drama, Alphamega and Mac Boney are working hard in the studio because they got something to say, have their man's back and plan to keep Grand Hustle standing strong. I know Tip is pleased he isn't the only Grand Hustler.

The party was scattered with djs, producers, family and friends. It had an intimate kin folk environment to it. I could tell there was real love and respect in the crowd mixed in with a bunch of working, fun, industry folks. I laughed so hard at certain points nervous that the spicy chicken wings I was inhaling might become an uncomfortable part of my esophagus. Shout out to AK's right hand, Lawanda for wonderfully hosting this due affair.

Yeah he's cool. And he's a talented rapper that you need to look out for. Ak's the kind of guy who's down for a real friend. He is genuine and doesn't have an ounce of phony in him. I dig that and you should too with an industry so full of bullISH that can be straight up foul! Check out AK's album, "My Face Card", dropping on 2/12/08. Later I'll let you know where you can get your copy. He is currently recording the 1st video from the album's single, "All we wanna do" that will play on youtube soon. The second single off of the album is "Check my face card". Oh and his 29th birthday is this month too. He's having a huge party at a killer mansion in Dunwoody exactly one week from today...good times via publicist Kim Ellis.

Learn more about some of this razor artist and hear his music at

Happy birthday A and congrats on your new album! Dude is serious!

Miesha (a.k.a. lady in red...for that night at least!)
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  1. Hey girl! Great rundown of the event! I am interested in hearing more from AK...I will check out his myspace page and let you know what I think!!

  2. Shout out to AK Tha Razor. He is good people. I had the pleasure of being apart of the special occassion. AK I can't wait to see you blow the spot up! I will stay tuned!


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