Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"High School Musical" star, Zac Efron has his apendix removed

Oooooh weeee! I've been there when I was 8 years old and it was Easter time...I remember it just like it was yesterday. I was sleepless holding my stomach in pain with no relief. I just wanted my mommy to make it better. And she did. Because after a day she instantly knew that I had appendicitis. I'm still amazed how a "stomach ache" could make her know that something was really wrong. mom is so amazing. I hope I can understand those things when I become a mother and not just tell the kid to lay down while I feed him/her crackers and 7-UP. I even got personal peach cobbler and the new Gem barbie doll with the light up earrings from my Grandma and Aunts after the surgery! Ahhhh...being a kid!

Oh yeah this is about Zac Efron...not me. So anyway the 20 year old had appendicitis and went to the famous people Los Angeles hospital, Cedars-Sinai Medical to undergo the operation according to his publicist.

When the appendix becomes erupted it can burst and even kill the person. I always wonder why God gave us that body part that we don't need. I guess that maybe it is just another way for doctors to get paid huh? And God loves doctors too. But anyway reports thus far are positive for the High School Musical golden boy. We wish him a great recovery. Efron stays in the media with High School Musical three currently being shot plus he has been dating his musical co-star, cutie Vanessa Hudgens who got media blasted for her nuddie picture. These kids aren't so squeaky clean after all, but normal. And while I'm not for nuddie pics showing your tale off I'm totally for your current guy not looking down on you for a "mistake" you may have made in the past.

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