Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dr. Donda West- The surgery complications didn't expire her life. So what about multiple surgeries?

Not too long ago Dr.Donda West (author, entrepreneur and beloved mother of rapper Kanye West) as all know passed away. She simply went in to take care of some things on her body to improve it. A breast lift or reduction for women many times is for health reasons because large breasts can be physically overbearing and cause back pain. Well after this and another operation many people were in an uproar not only due to Dr. West's unexpected early and sad demise but much controversy surrounded the doctor that performed several back to back cosmetic surgery procedures on her days before her departure. Reports claimed that it was suggested to Dr.West that she not undergo simultaneous operations due to her current health state, yet that was ignored and the surgeries were done. As a result, when she passed fingers were pointed in pain, wonder and confusion.

We just learned however from her autopsy report that there were no signs that the operations caused complications resulting in trauma on the body and then death. This is to say she died of "natural" causes. Therefor not ruling out the former possibility completely but giving it more strength in credibility than before the autopsy report was revealed. Now some are still left to wonder what killed Dr. Donda West? Was it just her time to go? I guess at the end of the day, that is always what it is no matter how or why a person may pass. It is not always "fair" we realize but being a liver of life for enough time I know that it is sometimes just that way. Even though Kanye seems to be trying to move forward in a healthy mustn't be easy.

So if multiple surgeries didn't harm West physically in any way, are they okay? Can a man or woman safely go under the knife cosmetically in this case and expect to wake with a clean bill of health? I know with any surgery there are never guaranteed because there is always that inherent risk, however outside of that risk do multiple surgeries add further warning. Hmmmmm??

1. Did Dr. West's autopsy report convince you that the surgeries did not harm her?
2. Do you think cosmetic surgery is healthy? Vain? Necessary in some cases? Mental?

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