Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Actor, Heath Ledger passes at age 28

Actor, father, Heath Ledger, was found dead in his Manhattan loft Tuesday afternoon. His masseuse and housekeeper went into his bedroom and found the 28 year nude, old lying face down, with sleeping pills. It is believed to be a possible "accidental" overdose at this time.

The Aussie actor dated actress Naomi Watts for years before they cut ties. But more recently Ledger split from his wife, Michelle Williams where life imitated art as she played his wife and then divorced on his academy award nominated role as Jack in the much talked about, "Brokeback Mountain". He survives parents, a sister Kate, and a 2 year old daughter with Williams, Matilda. Both mother and daughter were in Sweden shooting for a film that Williams is in during the time of Ledger's death.

Heath was known as a "dark" actor. He shined in his roles from movie like: "10 Things I Hate About You", "Monster's Ball", "The Patriot", "Brokeback Mountain", "Candy" (i think about that one often) and some other independent films. His most recent film credits include: "The Dark Knight" and "I'm Not There". But my personal favorite out of them all is "Candy", a dark, desperate, dourly romantic boy meets girl, boy gets girl hooked on drugs and prostituting, boy and girl loose baby, girl goes crazy, girl gets clean, boy and girl sadly part ways tale. It was very deep, dark, depressing, yet the bonding love blinded by the drug use made me want to take care of the film characters. It was both hopeless and strong. Yeah "Candy" wasn't so sweet. But too much sugar rots the teeth anyhow.

Our prayers go out to Health Ledger's surviving loved ones. This kind of passing is always so harsh and unexpected.

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