Friday, January 18, 2008

Andre "3000" Benjamin, fan mail

Yall I got this letter from the SOHH Atlanta blog. Gyant is a loved/hated writer for the blog that evokes many mixed emotions from his readers. I myself don't know why people always get so angry when another expression his or her opinion especially if it is on a blog, which is what entertainment blogs do. They can hate all they want but they are still spending their time reading it so he wins anyway!

Anyway Gyant is an honest, and insightful dude. He gets tons of comments to his post a day with the interesting stories he writes. This post from yesterday about my favorite rapper/lyricist Andre Benjamin/3000 (Big Boy told us at an event late last year that Outkast would be dropping their new album "at the top of '08" his words look out for it soon fans!) particularly caught my eye.

If you know me you know I really like this man's flow and feel that no other rapper today can compare to him. Listen to the lyrics people...that's what I'm talking about. Alot of junk out there today is well...musical JUNK! And yes hip hop is almost dead. No it hasn't changed, it hasn't evolved, it's flat-lining (CLEAR!)! The reason why it isn't dead yet is because certain rappers out there still give us hope, cats like: Andre, Outkast, Jay-Z, T.I., Nas, Lupe, Common, Ludacris and Mos Def, and the the old heads like Run DMC, etc. to name a small few. I'm not saying the barrage of other one hit wonder or bubble gum rappers are all horrible however they don't demand the same respect and staying power of the gentlemen I just named. If you only talk/rap about shoes, bling, get money, t-shirts, rims, a new dance, big booties, hate, or guns then you suck and need to step your lyric game up! Stop blending in, get more creative, write about things that matter! Be a legend and get some staying power...that's all I'm saying. If you are a rapper then stand up, out and take offense! Anyway the letter Gyant wrote is below:

The Juice ReportER (wishing rappers would use their creative juices...)

Dear André Benjamin,

Though I haven’t had the pleasure of introducing myself to you I have seen you out a few times. The year-end Purple Ribbon/Courvoisier party was dope. I am writing you in official capacity. When are you going to drop your highly anticipated CD? While your guest features have been great [your Rich Boy verse was bananas], hip-hop needs you more than it ever has before. Your music has always been ahead of it's time and though “The Love Below” was cool it only got my musical palate craving for a solo hip-hop composition from you bruh.

If you haven’t noticed the Atlanta hip-hop scene, as many of us knew it to be, is dying. It seems that we are now promoting mediocrity by way of the ringtone rapper. While rap music used to be a genre for creativity and artful story telling, it has now become nothing but gimmicks. I think if I hear another “gimmick rapper” infiltrate hip-hop the way it did in 2007 I’m going to slit my wrists. I’m often called a hater because I am not pumping my fists for the latest diluted hip-hop track that hits the clubs or radio waves. But I only pump my fists for the greats. People like you, Dungeon Family, Big Boi, Witchdoctor, Killer Mike, Young Jeezy, T.I., Proton, and few others.

AndrĂ© hip-hop is in dire need of a makeover and more importantly we are in need of more pioneering music from you. Big Boi is and has been doing his thing, but your sound is infectious, catchy, and your ability to tell a story while lacing it with your unique rhythmic style would be music to my, as well as many others, ears. I know your focusing on the acting thing, which is cool. But hip-hop is in need of a savior. Hip-Hop is in need of ya bruh. We need an Outkast album. And we need a solo Dre album. We just need a leader to come and indirectly show these kids to do their history and be an artist. Isn’t it funny how rap used to be considered an art form? Can anyone honestly say that now? The game has been completely saturated with overly hyped, yet underly [yea I just made that word up] deliverable wannabees. These kats seek fame and fortune first and the art of story telling dead last.

I’m ashamed to see where Atlanta has gone as far as rap music is concerned. I know I am not alone in this. So if you could hurry up and drop a new disc so that I, and many others can be reminded of what a good rapper sounds like it would be appreciated.

I look forward to the day when I get the chance to interview you homie. You’re a legend and you most definitely get my respect.
--SOHH Gyant

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