Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spa Sydell- Spa Review

I have had several professional full body massages before and a facial on separate occasions so I'm no stranger to posh body treatment. But one of those places I'd been to had not been Spa Sydell in Atlanta, GA. I wanted to go and get a montage of services but time and pricing for such a dream left me just forgetting about it. Until...my recent birthday! A wonderful wonderful pal gave me a deluxe spa day gift certificate with the well known day spa for my gift! Yeah my friend loves me! Imagine my delight as I opened my present and there lay the gift certificate seemingly made of diamonds and pearls for my landmark birthday! It was the perfect gift and i did not hesitate to use it quickly!

What I got: "A deluxe day at the spa" which is $365. It includes: the body massage, Sydell facial, manicure, signature pedicure, body wrap OR a body polish (choose between the two), gourmet lunch, and there used to be a make-up application but since the spa switched from carrying their own make-up to Maybelline, they don't offer this portion any longer. They still have this on the website however and since they did not clarify that they no longer offer that service (not that i cared about make-up at 6 p.m. anyway) I got a product in their gift store as a switch out. I got a cool satan sleep mask. Nice! This deluxe day package is an upgrade to the 5 hour, "A day with Sydell" spa package by adding the signature pedicure (where they put a mask on your feet for 10 minutes and put a scrub on your feet) and you can add either the body scrub or body wrap. I chose the body scrub. It was supposed to be an extra hour for the "exfoliating" body scrub...but it was only about 30 minutes I believe.

Locations: Alpharetta, Buckhead Plaza, Midtown at Brookwood Plaza, Cumberland Mall, Forum at Peachtree Parkway, and Park Place (Dunwoody near Perimter mall...this is the one that I went to).

The scene: Come in, sign in, choose your meal and off you go. The walls are hued in baby blues and serene greens. Peaceful sounds of nature sweep over you as the wall mounted water falls lull your senses. An elevator takes you to the second floor where your stress will magically be spa'd away. Icy cool lemon drinking water line the walls to your destination. You can lock your personal things away in the locker room/restroom. When you are ready to begin you will be dressed in Large white robes and red sandals to adorn your frame as you complete your day of luxury! I only wish that the robes were softer and the sandals not so open since the temperature of the spa is not always warm and toasty. However even after I was finished with my six hours for the day...i didn't want to get dressed in my civilian clothing and go back out into the real world. Ahhhhhhhh...back to the 8 to 5 grind...but it was nice while it lasted.........(sigh with a smile).

Highlights: the body massage, mine done by Dorian Williams (she was skilled and awesome!), the wonderful lunch (they give you three healthy and tasty choices from an outside catered menu), and choosing a gift from the store (due to them not doing the make-up application anymore)!

Spa now...pay later: yes for those who may not have it today but need a massage NOW, you can credit the treat to a Sydell account. It's not something (because this place, although well worth it is pricey) that I would want to get into the habit of doing but I can totally see how someone who gets paid on the 15th but can use a facial for an upcoming event on the 6th can benefit! Just don't rob peter to pay paul...if your lights get shut off to pay the spa bill...then you'll need another massage to combat that new stress!

Separate services:
Sydell Facial- 1 hour=$85
Body Massage- 1 hour=$85
Manicure- (regular) $25
Pedicure- (regular) $45
Body Wrap- 1 hour=$75
Body Scrub- 1 hour=$75
for other services and prices go here...but as for me, i'm glad i didn't have to choose just one or two! :)

What I wish: that the world around us all would be more like the spa. no worries here, no ringing phones, not attitudes, no arguments, and no crazy work for the guests (i took a Monday off!)! Sometimes it's okay to step away from reality right? Right!

Go on treat yourself...ladies and even gentlemen (they do have men's facials as well and massages are good for anyone!)! I know that I will be back as a gift to myself. For more info go to http://www.spasydell.com/.

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  1. I work at Spa Sydell, and am always glad to see people enjoying the experience. But, I just wanted to let you know that we still do make up. We carry a fabulous line called Glo Minerals and it is used in all our make up applications. I would guess that you were lied to by your aesthetician; perhaps she did not want to do the make up? Call her director and let them know-this is not how we do business.

  2. Wow...interesting. The person who did my facial (who was very good and never pressured me to buy product) told me that they didn't do make-up...just some maybelline that would not be good for the face so they didn't do it. And the people at the front desk were all in agreeance about the no make-up. Since my package and the website said there was make-up I asked them to compensate what they lacked by giving me product in exchange and they complied. However the make-up, Glo Minerals you mention is a good line. I don't know what was up with that Dunwoody location but that was their story! Thanks for putting this out there. All in all it was an AMAZING experience! You work at Spa Sydell...tell me how did you hear about this blog?

  3. I've been to the one in Gwinnett off pleasant hill, the forum, and Cumberland and my favorite therapist was at Gwinnett. I had Brad (male Therapist) and Tia(female Therapist) LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM! I've been getting massages for 20 years and Tia and Brads massage was the best massage I ever had... (VERY STRONG HANDS)


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