Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SAW 4, movie/DVD review

Saw 4 "other" movie review/trailer...this is a pretty good one from Mr.Blacks Movie Reviews. Note: if you subscribe to this blog via email or feed you may not be able to see this video. Please log onto http://www.findentertainmentnow.blogspot.com/ to view. Thank you!

Saw 4 is dropping onto the shelves at your local movie rental locations today! But don't skip the first few steps... it's best to see Saw, 1,2, and 3 before you scare yourself with Saw 4. In a word: Gross.

You thought he was dead didn't you? Well yes...but maybe not really. This movie like it's predecessors tells the twisted stories of "self mutilated" victims who die at the master mind of the Jigsaw Killer. The movie series bled the message of: forgiveness and gratitude into the psyche of millions of movie goers first in 2004. Now several years later, Saw lives on as a reminder to live right lest you be next...we humans forget easily and need reminders anyway don't we?

This time Jigsaw chooses a "do gooder" obsessed police officer to go through obstacles in order to save others which in this backward twist can actually kill them, others or even himself. He begs those completing these "impossible" bloody obstacles to "See what I see" as they field their way through torture and terror. The images are more than gruesome as your eyes feast upon the calculated and well scripted events of this macabre horror while the always clever story painfully reveals itself to the audience. I myself can never fully guess what the Jigsaw is up to. Can you?

We find out that this famous "killer" was once married and then snapped when a random event of misfortune happened in he and his spouses life. It changed the sociopath forever...he became addicted to teaching lessons. to the undeserving in life. Are you undeserving?

The flash back history into the life of Jigsaw gives movie goers and fans a little more to imagine and even understand about the tale. My only complaint is that the first part of the movie is too dark (the colors). I know the filmmakers and editors may've been trying to set the scene but it's so dark and dank that it is hard to see all the important details. Maybe when you rent it on DVD the images will be more clear at home or at least you can rewind what you may have missed. The crazy scenes tend to happen so quickly!

New director but same sickness. This may be the best Saw yet! I can't imagine what they will serve up next. Yes next...cuz now after seeing number 4 i can't say that we've seen the last of Saw. In the words of Jigsaw in that same eerily steady gravely voice..."You think it's over...but it's not!" It's ooooh all so very disturbing...but i like it that way.

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